Hi. I’m Alan Tutt. In this course, I’m going to share with you what I know about working with a Higher Power to manifest the things you want in life, and live in the Divine Flow. It is my intention that by the time you’ve completed this program, you will be well on your way to mastering the skills needed to manifest whatever you want in life.

This is essentially a quick start guide, which means that we’ll focus on the most important information to help you start producing results as soon as possible. In order to do this, the material is divided into three sections.

The first section covers the four guiding principles and the core process, which you use in one form or another for everything. We cover this first so you can get started right away if you’d like. Of course, the more you use the rest of the material, the better your results will be.

The second section focuses on helping you to develop each of the three primary factors involved, which are willpower, belief, and imagination.

Now, whereas most people think of willpower training as dry, dull, boring, and making yourself do things you don’t want to do, I’ll show you some fun and creative ways to strengthen your willpower. When we cover developing your belief, I’ll give you a short list of the most important beliefs for truly powerful results. And the imagination training is where it all starts coming together.

The third section of the course is where I show you how to apply your new skills in the areas of personal development, health, relationships, and prosperity. I’ll also include some very practical advice that you can use on the physical level, in addition to directing Divine Power to manifest those things that you want.

In many respects, this course could be compared to a course in photography. In photography, you need to know the technical aspects required to produce an acceptable photo, and you also have to make artistic choices about how to use those technical aspects to produce the image you want to create.

Whereas most people with a smart phone or point-and-shoot camera know that they can get basic image by pointing the camera and clicking the shutter, when you want to have more control over your final image, you need to know things like lens choice, apertures, shutter speeds, ISOs, rule of thirds, and a lot of other details. In this course I’ll show you the details involved in manifesting the things you want in life that go beyond the Law of Attraction, the Power of Belief, the Power of Prayer, or any of the other basic methodologies that most people use.

We’ll cover just enough theory to help you understand what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how to adjust it to a new situation. The rest of the material is a set of instructions for you to follow and practice.

While some of this information may seem to be very basic and fundamental, especially if you’ve studied what other authors have written on this topic, I want to caution everybody reading this that the fundamentals are extremely important.

In fact, I remember a story told by Zig Ziglar about a very famous football coach at Notre Dame who, every single year at the first day of practice, would hold up a football to this group of guys who have been playing football for years and years and years, and he would say, “Gentleman. This is a football.” Because this coach focused so much on the fundamentals, his team went on to become the number one team in all of college football.

You may have also seen a number of movies where this principle was demonstrated in a very practical way. One movie that I think of quite often is Karate Kid in which Daniel, the main character, is directed to do all these different things—wash and wax cars, paint the fence, paint the house, sand the deck, all this kind of stuff—and he doesn’t think he’s learning anything. But at one point when he challenges his instructor about this, he realizes that doing all this other work has trained his body to respond in a way that makes karate a more natural experience.

In a similar way, the training you get from this course may not be immediately obvious in how it benefits you. Rest assured that there is a definite plan in place, and as long as you follow as instructed, you will gain the benefits promised.

Put another way, I am the archer, you are the arrow. In order for you to hit your target, you must focus on your job and let me do mine. If I tell you something that conflicts with something you’ve previously learned, consider the possibility that what you learned before may be inaccurate, or depend on a different foundation. Trying to combine different systems rarely works until you reach a high level of understanding.

In other words, while you work with this course, focus on this material exclusively and completely forget or ignore what you hear from other teachers.

You’ll want to take notes as you go through this course. Putting the material into your own words helps you to learn it at a deeper level. Of course, you’ll also need to take action and put the information in practice. Unless you’re actually DOING this stuff, reading about it won’t do a thing for you. Keep a journal to note down what you do, when you do it, how you feel when you do it, what you expect to happen as a result, and what type of results you notice in the minutes, hours, and days following.

It was in keeping this type of journal that I discovered what worked best for me, and the principles involved so I could start teaching it to others.

One more thing – no one really knows WHY this stuff works. Many of us have theories that seem to fit the facts, but these theories are really nothing more than a “working model” that gives us a way of visualizing the process.

In reality, this is exactly the same situation with scientists working with quantum physics. Since there are no physical tools to measure what goes on inside an atom, quantum physicists have to perform experiments which conform to a working model, and then interpret the results to give clues as to what actually took place on the quantum level.

In the same way, those of us who have researched this topic, which could be called “spiritual physics”, also must perform experiments and interpret the results.

Because this course is essentially a “quick start guide”, we won’t go into much detail about what MAY BE happening on the spiritual level to produce the results we seek. I will, however, share with you a working model that you can use to help yourself become more familiar with the processes involved, so you can get the results you want more easily.