Those who have read my earlier books already know some of what I’ve done, but there is a lot more that I haven’t yet shared in any of my books.

Even before I started studying this topic, I had the ability to stop rain and generally control the weather. Most likely, there may have been an element of “lucky coincidence” involved with the first couple of attempts. Even so, this helped to establish a belief that I could affect the weather, and therefore I’ve had many more successes than failures when attempting to do so.

While coincidence can explain any single experience, when you notice the same thing happening over and over again, coincidence stops being a rational explanation, and you have to look for a cause/effect relationship.

These days, if I want a particular type of weather, I just “put in my order” and I know that I’ll get it at least 80% of the time.

There was even one time when I dispersed a tornado within 5 minutes of setting the intention. Here again, it COULD have been coincidence, but when you consider it in the larger pattern of results, that doesn’t seem likely.

Back when I was first starting to learn how to consciously control my inner Power, I spent a lot of time with a group of folks who liked to play card games. I found that if I concentrated my mental focus and believed that I could do it, I could “attract” a good hand even when someone else was shuffling the deck.

Most of the time, though, all I had to do was imagine myself having the highest score on the score sheet. That seemed to direct all hands of the game in a way that I just “naturally” won.

During another period of my development, I played a different game with another group of folks. Here’s how it went. I would ask someone to write down the name of someone they knew and I didn’t know. They would think of the person and I would describe that person to them, including objective facts that could be verified like height, weight, hair color, and eye color.

In one case, as I describe the person named, I reported that I saw a person about 5’ 7”, 125 lbs, with black eyes and black hair. A very intense individual that seemed to have multiple personalities.

The person in front of me responded that I had everything right except the hair color. His hair was blond, she said, and always had been. At the time, I counted it as a ‘miss’ and went on. The next week, she came back to let me know that I had been right, and that he routinely dyed his hair.

In this case, it was clear that I wasn’t reading her mind, but had made a direct connection with the named individual, and was “reading” him.

In another situation, a friend of mine called, and was feeling very bad because her step-father had yelled at her for a seemingly minor issue. When I told her that I would get him to apologize to her, she told me that he never apologized for anything. The next day, she called me again to report that he did, in fact, apologize for the way he yelled at her.

And of course, there were several times when I needed money, and would “happen” to be in the right place at the right time to find it sitting in my pathway. Even when I tried to find the person who obviously must have lost it, no such person could be found.

One story I tell often, and may be found in my earlier books, is when I worked as a day laborer at a die-cutting shop. I certainly had no authority to decide how many hours I would work each week, yet during an experiment, I would decide how many hours I “intended” to work that week, and by the end of the week, my time sheet would show a number within a half-hour of the intended number of hours.

Each week, I would change the number, in order to verify that it was my intention that was the cause of the result. One week, I would set an intention for 42 hours, the next week it would be 48, the next, 44. And each week, I got within a half-hour of the intended number.

One week, I was describing the results of my experiment to one of the other workers there, and mentioned that I had set an intention of getting 48 hours that week. He didn’t believe it would happen, and said that there wasn’t enough work for 40 hours, and certainly not enough for 48. Confidently, I responded that we couldn’t see the work that may be coming into the shop, and that everything would work out as I had intended.

The net result of all this was that a rush job came into the shop, one that required the use of another press. The guy who believed there wasn’t enough work for 40 hours got his 40 hours, The other press operator and I got 48.

The next week, the other press operator and I were discussing the results, and he suggested we go for “maximum overtime”. It sounded like an interesting twist on the experiment, so I set an intention for maximum overtime.

What happened next surprised me.

The client for whom we did the rush job had a LOT more work to be done, and sent us so much work, we were getting 60 to 70 hours each week for months on end!

After a while, I set an intention for an easier work schedule.

Actually, getting that assignment in the first place was a result of my setting an intention and believing that it could happen. When I signed up for the day labor pool, I asked the Universe for an easy job that didn’t require a lot of work, but would be somewhat consistent. Most days, that job only required that I load paper onto the presses once or twice an hour, empty garbage cans once a night, and sweep a few floors. Most of my time was spent reading.

Readers of my other books will know that I used these same principles to develop a photography business in which I grossed as much as $1000 per hour. After setting an intention to become a successful photographer, and then doing lots of work to shift my beliefs to allow this to happen, I found Life directing my journey so that I learned what I needed to know to make it happen.

And then there’s my relationship with my wife, Linda, which was also the result of setting an intention to manifest a solid relationship and trusting that it would, in fact, happen.

After having done the spiritual work to manifest this relationship, I got a feeling one day that I would like to find a church that held meditation services, so I pulled out the yellow pages, found a listing that mentioned meditation services on Wednesday nights, realized that it was a Wednesday, and went to go check it out.

To make a long story short, I started attending that church, and a couple of weeks later, met Linda as I was getting ready to leave that day. As soon as I saw her, I KNEW that she was the one. Of course, I didn’t tell her about it, but I went through the normal process of getting to know her, spending time with her, and letting her know that I found her interesting. Although she told me that she had recently been divorced and wasn’t ready for a new relationship, I let her know that was not a problem and that I wasn’t going anywhere.

Seven years later, we got married, and we just celebrated our 10th anniversary earlier this year. It’s the best relationship either of us have ever had. By the way, we’re still attending the same church.

To this day, I continue to use the principles I’ll share with you in this course. Although my life has reached a point where dramatic changes are no longer necessary, I continue to set intentions to direct the course of events so Life is enjoyable and rewarding.

While I can’t guarantee that you’ll do as much with what you’ll learn in this course, I hope this gives you some ideas of what possibilities exist for you when you use this material.