Now, just to make sure you can get started right away, let’s cover a few ways that you can put the core process into action.

Let’s start with the simplest version, which is the affirmation, “I can, and I will.” In time, this will most likely become the main process you use, and can become fairly automatic in that there’s not a whole lot of thinking that has to go on with it.

So, to give ourselves an example to work with here, let’s say that you’re about to meet with someone important, and that you want something fairly specific to happen at that meeting. It could be a job interview in which you want to fill a specific position within the company. It could be a sales presentation in which you want to sell a particular product or service. Or it could be a date that you want to last all night.

Whatever you want from this meeting, imagine the end result and tell yourself, “I can do this, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.” This statement is just an expanded form of the “I can, and I will” affirmation.

This does a couple of things for you. First, by reminding yourself that you CAN accomplish what you want, it reinforces your self-confidence, which also activates your spiritual power as well. If you feel any doubt, apply your willpower to command your subconscious mind to accept your instruction, which is to believe in the possibility of success.

As we go through this course, you’ll find a wide variety of tools that will help you control your subconscious mind to accept your instructions. For now, just do the best you can.

When you tell yourself, “I can do this, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen,” you are also committing yourself to the end result. The more you can commit to the end result, the more of yourself you will put into the process, including your spiritual self. This is what causes your inner self to direct spiritual power to manifest the desired result.

And the combination of belief and intention activates your spiritual power, which serves to push various events towards the outcomes necessary to manifest your desired objective. In other words, you create an aura of luck, which makes everything you do work much better than it would otherwise.

In actual practice, this means that you’re more likely to say the right things at the right time, the other person will be more receptive to you, and any element of chance, such as flipping a coin, will tend to go your way more often.

If you want to take more time and use an expanded form of the core process, you could sit and imagine the end result in vivid detail while affirming to yourself something along the line of, “My thoughts are radiating out into the Universe where they will become manifest in due time.”

In this version of the core process, your willpower is used to hold what you want in clear focus, including as many details as you can—sights, sounds, tastes, smells, textures, and emotions. Trust that what you are imagining will manifest itself when the time is right.

The working model in this case is that the thoughts you hold in mind are altering your ‘vibration’, which in turn alter the course of events in your life much like the previous example.

The more vivid your imagination, and the more you trust the process, the better it will work for you.