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Greetings my dear Truth Seeker,

As you look upon your life now, would you describe it as a fun and exciting “day at the park”, or is it a lot of hard work?  Do you tend to reach your goals easily, or do they seem to stay just out of reach, close enough to smell them, but never close enough to touch?  Can you count on getting the things you want, or are you constantly in a state of frustration?

Would you like to know how to reach your goals and live the “good life” without having to spend a lot of time slaving away and/or giving up the things you want?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could wave a magic wand and have the life you want magically appear out of thin air?  Well, it may not be quite that easy, but it can be a lot easier than you might think!

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of discussion about something called “The Law of Attraction” and what it can do for you.  They tell you that you can attract money, relationships, good health, happiness, and peace of mind, all without the massively hard work that is usually required to create these things.  Yet the methods they teach only work for about 10% of those who use them.  Affirmations, visualizations, treasure maps, praying, and “wishing” work for some people, but not for everyone.

The problem is that the REAL ‘secrets’ to using Universal Power are not easily found.  Those who are teaching the common methods have not researched the field in enough depth to really KNOW what works.  Their methods depend on factors they don’t fully understand themselves and certainly can’t teach to others.  It’s not really their fault, they may very well be in the 10% of the population that are able to get such techniques to work.  Also, it takes a LOT of time and energy to uncover the truth.

I have been involved in this field for over 25 years and have studied with the best.  Yet I didn’t stop there and continued the research using scientific methods and extensive experimentation, both in my own life and in the lives of those close to me.  After 15 years of study and research, I began teaching others what I had learned to verify whether it worked for anyone and used honest feedback to further improve and refine the system.

In January of 2003, I decided it was time to release the Keys To Power system to the world and started my first website (  Since that time, over 1500 people have purchased my first book, the Keys To Power – Step by Stepcourse.  With a 97% satisfaction rate, it’s safe to assume that my methods work for practically ANYONE.

Thank you very much this is incredibly excellent materials and very powerful stuff. I think you deserve the Pulitzer award for this. I am very excited on your upcoming materials, thanks again. Your friend Alex
Dear Mr Tutt
I am got and still getting many benefits from your system.Some of it are detailed below:
1.Things I am looking for appear easily ( yes, I have to pay for it).For example I was looking for a book for some time and suddenly I found it in a most unlikely place.It was lying in a railway platform book store that to in a section which I do not usually look at.
2.The power release method is very useful to me.In business discussion whenever I feel that(my own awareness about my feeling has gone up) I am angry I apply the release.Now my discussions are much more meaningful.
3.In business negotiations now I come up with many alternetives which has rewarded me handsomely.
4.In fact I am using this system whenever I embark on any significant job like important report preparation, giving performance feed back to people etc.thanks
The Keys to Power course has been impacting from the very start. I have found the information to be simple, yet profound and written in a format that enables me to integrate the information a step at a time. Although most of the information is not new to me it is a very comprehensive course and easily meshes with my personal spiritual beliefs. I am always looking for ways to grow in my spiritual connection with the God Source and this course is a definite plus in assisting me on my path of awakening and enlightenment. Thanks for your initiative in investigating and compiling this inspiring work in one place. Many blessings to you Alan for your efforts in expanding consciousness and helping others to find there way.
Gary Morris

Your e-book The Keys to Power has helped me grow as a human being in numerous ways:

1. Spiritually, emotionally and positively,
2. Goals and visions have become clearer,
3. Things that use to upset me no longer do,
4. Manifested many positive things into my life, like people, places and material things that I’ve wanted for a long time but never received before.

Your Affirmative Prayers have helped me to overcome many hurdles that I have been experiencing to the point that I no longer react or respond negatively to people nor accept emotionally their negativity.  Additionally, I no longer take medication for my depression; instead I am working with the Power of G-d, that has made me understand this disease better without the aide of medicines, therapies etc. Just one great shot in the arm and a giant wake up call to better myself.

All has hoped me very much and I’ll continue to do the lessons and see what else this wonderful book can do for me and others (I say this because as I change the reactions of others have been positive feedback, circumstances and etc).

So thank you very much for writing this wonderful and precious book and any updates that my follow!

I purchased your Keys to Power e-book about 2 weeks ago and I must say I am very impressed with how you word things very clear and concise.  I am in the process of reading it and trying to do the exercises each night.  There is a lot of great information in the book which makes for good reading.  Also, thank you for the FREE tidbits of information that you have been sending frequently.

Best regards.

~ ~ Too many testimonials on file to include here. ~ ~

A World Of New Possibilities

Those who have studied the field of “Human Potential” understand that we have practically unlimited possibilities before us.  Scientific researchers have been hard pressed to find where we leave off and God begins.  Thousands of years worth of mystical and religious texts have promised that we are capable of performing miracles, to the point of being able to change physical reality with a mere word.

In fact, even in today’s modern scientific literature, the possibilities presented are tremendous!  Theories such as a holographic universe, a zero-point field,  and quantum realities suggest that the world we live in can be manipulated more freely than we once thought.  Science is finally starting to realize that things like ESP, clairvoyance, precognition, telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, distant viewing, and even materializations are very real and do in fact happen daily.

And yet miracles such as abundant prosperity, harmonious relationships, peace of mind, emotional stability, or even improved health and vitality are much more readily attained by anyone willing to apply simple principles.

What will you do FIRST when you discover just
how easily these ‘miracles’ can be performed?

Core Principles

In all honesty, the basic principles behind the Power of Miracles are not secret.  Actually, they have been freely given to anyone who will listen.  The problem is that we have a tendency to disregard them because we don’t believe that it could be that simple.

The bottom line is that reality reflects your beliefs.  In the words of an old sage, “According to your faith is it done unto you.”

Notice that the sage didn’t say “According to the sum total of your thoughts”, but “According to your faith”.  It doesn’t matter how many times you sit and think about the things you want, if you don’t believe that you’ll get them, you won’t.  If you have very strong faith, you can change your world with a single decision to do so.

But there again, it’s not as simple as all that, as anyone who has firmly believed in one thing to see something else take place will tell you.  There are more factors to take into consideration, which are covered in depth in the KTP Mastery System.  Factors such as focus, emotional control, and a strong connection to the Source of Universal Power.

In general, however, what you believe will tend to create your life.

The question that most of us find ourselves asking is:

“How do I change what I believe?”

Affirmations, visualizations, treasure maps, and so on are tools that have been taught as a means of changing beliefs.  According to those who teach these methods, as long as you persist in repeating the process over and over again, your beliefs will eventually change and produce results.  That’s all fine and dandy, except that the methods only work about 10% of the time.  And even those who are able to get them to work spend hours and hours repeating the process over and over again to see results.

Why spend hours and hours “thinking” about what
you want when you can simply

Let me share a small sampling of what I’ve learned with you right now.  You’ve read this far, so you deserve to get something for free.  You see, the reason the above methods only work 10% of the time is because you have to believe in the process itself.

If you don’t believe that repeating affirmations will make any change in the world around you, then doing millions of affirmations will do nothing for you.

If you believe that visualization is a waste of time and has no connection to physical reality, nothing will change.

If you believe that you always get the opposite of what you want, doing any of the above techniques could very well backfire on you.

Thoughts will NOT change reality
unless YOU BELIEVE they will.

You have to believe in the techniques themselves in order for them to produce results.

So once again, we are faced with the question, “How do I change what I believe?”

A Process of Training

You have to learn how to walk before you can run.  And you have to learn how to stand before you can walk.  In all of life, there is a progression of skills, one supporting the next.  When it comes to learning how to change beliefs, we have to walk before we can run.

Beliefs are a sort of “automated thought process” that goes on subconsciously for most people.  In order to gain control over our beliefs, we have to gain control over our minds first.  We have to activate dormant areas of our mind, increase our mental capacity, and expand our consciousness  to the point where our minds respond to conscious choice.

Traditionally, this has been done through a very long process of meditation, or through a combination of fasting, celibacy, silence, meditation, prayer, and even pain.

Through my research, I was able to find a shortcut around the typical training process and discovered specific mental exercises that can be done anywhere by anyone and will produce the same result as the traditional approach.

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