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The very first course written by Alan Tutt.  Still a perfectly valid approach to tapping into Universal Power and directing it towards manifesting your goals.

Based on ancient magical traditions as well as more modern research by the Rosicrucians, Temple of the Golden Dawn, and others, this course explains the Laws of Power, and the skills required to unlock the unlimited Power that lies within each one of us.

Presented as a series of 24 weekly lessons, this course will help you master the skills required to manifest on a high level.  Starting with basic skills, such as observation, creativity, memory, and expanding perception, the student is gradually introduced to more advanced topics, such as belief systems, multi-dimensional reality, and making a direct connection with the time-space continuum remotely.

In addition, the student is given a set of “working keys”, or processes to safely tap and direct Universal Power to accomplish specific objectives, such as psychic perception, ESP, telepathy, mental projection, healing, channeling, and more advanced abilities like teleportation, object creation, and beyond.

Admittedly, these more advanced abilities take a significant amount of work to accomplish, and you may be completely satisfied stopping before you get that far.

Feel free to read through the sample lessons to determine if this course is right for you.