In this chapter, I’ll describe the essence of the Harmonic Prayer process. This process is based on the primary factors I’ve found to be responsible for effective prayer, which are faith, focus, and a feeling of harmony with God.

In the following chapters, we’ll discuss how you can improve each of these factors to make your prayers even more powerful.

The steps outlined below do not need to be complicated, and each step may be completed in just a few seconds. If you want to spend more time on one or more of these steps, that’s okay too.

For quick reference, the steps involved are:

  1. Harmonize with God
  2. Activate your faith
  3. Focus on what you want
  4. Give thanks
  5. Follow Divine Guidance

Step 1: Harmonize With God

This is the starting point for effective prayer. Unless you are in harmony with God, your prayer will go nowhere, and nothing will happen. To be in harmony with God is one of the best feelings you can ever experience. It’s better than drugs or sex, and can be a very healthy addiction.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to bring yourself into harmony with God is to love. Love life, love yourself, love everyone, love nature, love the Universe, and above all, love God.

This is one of the main reasons Christ taught love as a way of life. The more you love, the more you are in harmony with God, and the more powerful your prayers will be. The more you engage in hate, envy, greed, and pride, the weaker your prayers become.

If anything is happening in your life that makes it difficult to feel love, the best advice I can give you is to ignore it (as best you can) for the few minutes it takes to pray for a solution.

Focus on anything and everything you CAN feel love for, and spend as much time as necessary (or as much time as you have available) to bring yourself into harmony with God. A little is good, a lot is better. In Chapter 4, I’ll give you a few short meditations that will help with this.

Personally, when I pray, the first thing I do is to imagine God as a HUGE entity standing in front of me, and I imagine myself giving God a great big hug. As I do this, I also make a conscious effort to open myself spiritually to accept God into my being.

This results in an incredible rush of joy and satisfaction that makes every part of my body tingle, both inside and out. That’s when I know that I am in harmony with God.

The more you practice opening yourself up to God and allowing God to fill your being, the easier it will be, and the better results you’ll get.