This is the step where you make your request known to God. You can do this with words, with mental images, or with actions. The form is not as important as the intention behind it.

It’s important that you communicate your intention clearly. To do this well, you need to focus your mind on what you want, and avoid all other thoughts during the Harmonic Prayer process.

You don’t need to include every detail about how your prayer should manifest. You want to leave it open for God to give you the best possible result, unhampered by limited human thinking.

Rather, you want to be very clear about what you want to happen. If you want a mountain to throw itself into the sea, you want to be clear about WHICH mountain is thrown into WHICH sea, and that no-one gets hurt in the process.

If you want a new romantic relationship, you want to be clear about what type of person you want, the types of activities the two of you will enjoy doing together, and any other details you want to be part of the new relationship.

If you’re looking for a new job, you want to be very clear about the type of job you want. If the only thing you really care about is that you enjoy the work, whatever it is, then you want to be clear about the FEELINGS the new job will give you.

When you pray, you’ll find the process will work better if you can imagine your request as you speak the words describing it. This combination of imagination and spoken words seems to help focus your mind to an incredible degree, and will make your prayers even more powerful.