This section of the Keys To Power system will probably be the most familiar to you. This is where the majority of the New Thought Movement focuses its attention. Here is where you will find information and suggestions for keeping your thoughts positive, keeping your mind focused on the things you do want instead of the things you do not want, and the basic principles of directing Power.

As you know by now, Power can be seen as flowing from the Source, through you (your mind, emotions, and the many layers of belief systems), and out into your world to create events and experiences that match the general context of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

In truth, the whole essence of the Keys To Power system can be summarized in 6 words, “Whatever you focus on, you magnify”. The reason that we take a full 24 lessons to cover the many different aspects that we do is to help you increase the amount of Power that is flowing through you. Learning to control a small amount of Power is good, but learning to control a large amount of Power is even better.

But whether you have a small amount of Power flowing through you or a large amount, you do need to be able to control that Power, or else you will end up directing that Power to create events and experiences that you don’t want. And that’s why this section is perhaps the most important of the whole Step by Step course, and why so many authors in the New Thought field focus exclusively on this topic.

It is said that we have as many as 100,000 separate thoughts in the course of a single day. Many of these thoughts are variations of the same concepts and ideas, expressed slightly different depending on the circumstances.

Much of what we have already covered will go a long way towards conditioning your mind to alter the pathways of thoughts, so that the general environment within your mind is more positive. Your emotions will usually follow your thoughts in context, but then again, your thoughts will also tend to reflect the nature of your emotions too. They tend to work in tandem, with neither one really controlling the other.

What controls both thoughts and emotions is the will. This is not the willpower taught by previous generations of self-control gurus. This will is a spiritual intention to achieve a desired result. There is no straining of effort in the use of the spiritual will, but rather the use of the will is more of an example that you hold in your mind, expecting that it will be reflected in your experience.

In the case of learning to control your thoughts and emotions, you will imagine (set an intention) that you are a positive person, and that there is nothing to be worried about, concerned for, or frustrated by. By affirming that Power will give you what you want, and holding your attention on the scientific nature of the process of using Power, you will eliminate at least 90% of all negativity in your thoughts and emotions.