The Working Keys compose the greatest portion of the Keys To Power system, yet they are the least important. In the progression of your development, you will use the Working Keys as an aid to using Power until you have reached a level of not needing them. Eventually, you will grow beyond the need for specific step by step processes and direct Power by intention alone. The only reason that the Working Keys are included in the course material is to give suggestions as to how to use Power to accomplish specific tasks. There are really no rules as to what steps should be performed in order to direct Power. The only thing that is truly important is to ensure that all underlying assumptions are positive and support the goal you have in mind.

Whenever you work with Power, the underlying assumptions are more important to the effects you get than the overt thoughts and feelings you use consciously. Identifying these assumptions is not an easy task, yet it is incredibly critical. In the full course, we spend quite a bit of time working with this topic to insure your safety. Here are some of the most important assumptions to watch out for. You want to be definite about the task you are working on, yet not have an attitude of struggle. There really is no opposition to satisfying your desires. There will always be an avenue through which the Universe can accomplish what you want. If you try too hard, assume that constant effort is required, or that you have to have one particular manifestation of your desire, then you are working against yourself.

Another thing to watch out for is the attitude that in order for you to have what you want, you must deprive someone else of it. The Universe is so abundant that there is enough of every good thing, and more can always be created. Another common stumbling block is the attitude of resentment. If someone else has received what you are wanting, it only proves that it is attainable. If you think or feel that you don’t have what you want, then that thought and feeling will direct Power to prevent you from receiving.

The last major obstacle deals with how beliefs direct Power. If you believe that you always get sick in February, then Power is being directed to create that experience in all future Februaries. If you believe that you never get a chance to speak up for yourself, then you will always be prevented from doing so. You must believe in yourself, and believe that the Universe is working for you, not against you. These new beliefs will now direct Power to create the reality you want.

Now, I will describe several of the Working Keys. These will only be brief descriptions. More complete descriptions will appear in the lessons involving each of these abilities.

Channeling – Channeling is the process of communicating with spiritual beings, as with your Higher Self or other beings, as you desire or have need for. Channeling can be used to gain information about yourself, your goals, your friends, or about subjects of interest to anyone. In order to use this Key, relax and enter a meditative state. Follow the basic instructions for a Guided Meditation – set up a meeting place where you can meet the spirit you wish to communicate with, ask whatever questions you feel are appropriate, and listen for the answers. Let the experience flow until it is time to return to normal waking consciousness.

Telepathy – Telepathy is similar to channeling, except that it is communication with another person rather than with a spiritual being (one without a body). Telepathy can be used any time you want to communicate with someone else. It works best between people who know each other well, but basic knowledge of a person is all that’s really needed. Telepathy can be considered the basis for all other Keys. In order to use this Key, collect Power, imagine the person you wish to contact, and visualize (create) a link between yourself and this other person. Use the created link to send and receive information.

Spiritual Healing – Spiritual Healing is the process of directing energy or Power to either yourself or to another person for the purpose of overcoming an illness or physical defect. Spiritual Healing can be used to cure a cold, heal a broken bone, or even to cure cancer and AIDS. It can also be used to increase the level of energy or perceptiveness. Here’s how to heal spiritually. Collect Power. Imagine the person who is to be healed. Create a link between yourself and this person (Not necessary if you are healing yourself). Transfer Power to the subject with the thought, feeling, and attitude that a perfect healing will be the result. Release all concern for the results, assume that a healing will take place.

Mental Projection – Mental projection is the basics of what is scientifically known as remote viewing. With this Key, you project your perceptive abilities to a distance location (distant in terms of time and/or space) and observe what is taking place at that location. Depending on how effectively you project yourself, you may retain a sense of your physical body, or you may sense the distant location as though you were physically there. This Key is performed by collecting Power, entering a meditative state, and imagining yourself moving through space and/or time. Some people need a separate process of creating a spiritual body to use as a vehicle. Others simply need to focus on the location to be viewed. When you’re finished, simply return to your physical body and unite with it again.

Power-Form – In most systems of magick, there is a process of creating what is generally referred to as a ‘thought-form’. The concept is that thoughts can become a living entity, able to perform tasks according to our will. In the Keys To Power, we realize that everything is a form of Power, and so we acknowledge the Power within the form, thus calling the creation a Power-Form instead. This Key is a more involved means of using Power, but can be more effective for most people. A Power-Form is a collection of several things. It is a ritual (ceremonial magick), a prayer, a decree, and creative visualization. The structure can be modified, but it is best to try this form first, then check the results of any modifications you make. It really is the results that count.

To perform this Key: Set aside other activities. Make sure that your body is warmed up (do some physical exercise or stretches if you have to), but not overexerted. Get rid of any tensions you may have. Collect Power, and bring yourself into closer alignment with Spirit. Expand your awareness and Power into the outer world, where you want the changes to take place. Imagine what you want, seeing it in the outer world. Ask whatever Higher Power you believe in to assist you in creating these changes. Daydream about what you want, knowing that you are setting Power into action to create it. Command Power to create these changes for you, and then finish by expressing gratitude. It is done, and Life is Wonderful!