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In last week’s lesson, we focused on developing our willpower to establish a pattern of success, so we can simply make a decision to manifest something, and shift our minds into a state of trust that it will actually happen, even without the full Harmonic Prayer process.

In this week’s lesson, we’re going to build on that foundation, and practice using willpower to stretch our ability to imagine miracles and other “impossible” things happening in our lives.  When you can imagine great and wonderful things happening, and have the willpower to choose to believe they will actually happen, a whole new world of possibilities opens up for you.

One of my earliest successes in manifesting was based on this idea.

I had recently met someone who claimed to have developed the ability to use what he called magick.  His method was based on focus and willpower, and he said that if you can focus your mind intensely enough, that would give you the ability to influence the physical world around you.  He described the training he had gone through, which included holding his hand over a flame and allowing it to burn him while he focused his mind on ignoring the pain.

Because I had read similar stories previously, I accepted his ideas, and therefore a belief was created within me.  And here, I really want to stress this point.  If it weren’t for this belief, this process would not have worked.

In the weeks that followed, I practiced focusing my mind.  Sometimes I would completely ignore the world around me, and other times I would focus on manifesting a specific outcome.  Where I started to see success was in card games.  When I sat down to play a game, I would focus on getting the best cards, and having the highest score at the end.

My best successes came when I felt more confident in my abilities, or to put it another way, when my faith was strongest.  There really wasn’t a process, and again, my best results came when I focused on imagining the final scoresheet showing more points under my name.

Because I had a number of successes with this method, my belief in the use of willpower grew, and over the next 20 years, I kept going back to the idea that willpower was what made manifesting work, and forgot about the belief component that allowed it to work.  The main problem I kept running into, though, was that the process of using willpower tended to close off my connection to the Divine, and therefore I had more failures than successes using this method.

In fact, there were some experiments where my efforts would backfire and I got the exact opposite of what I wanted.

At this point in my life, I can see how that old method was based on the two elements we discussed in last week’s lesson — belief and intention.  When you have a belief that you can influence the world around you with nothing more than the intention to do so, your belief will give power to your intentions.

And as long as you can remain relaxed and connected to the Divine, this method of manifesting can work, and can work consistently.

So, to better describe this method of manifesting, it relies on being connected to the divine, having faith that your intentions will manifest, and focusing clearly on what you want to manifest.  Or as I’ve been saying throughout this course, Faith, Focus, and Feeling, with feeling referring to the feeling of being connected to the Divine.

Again, my primary goal in this course is to help you fully understand the principles of manifesting, as well as give you the tools you need to manifest your desires.

When you fully understand the underlying principles and how they may be used in any situation, you’ll be able to manifest any thing, any time, anywhere.

Now, I’d like to mention that when manifesting, you don’t always have to have a specific outcome in mind.  You can manifest a general pattern of good luck, and allow that to influence every situation so you get the best out of everything that comes you way.

This is one of the biggest changes in my approach from the early days.  Back when I first got into manifesting, I was completely focused on manifesting very specific objectives.  Sometimes it worked.  Other times it didn’t.  The more I practiced, the better results I got, but there were still times when a situation came up I wasn’t prepared for, and I would still end up losing something, either a job, a relationship, or a home.

Eventually, I gradually shifted my focus more towards manifesting general good luck and happiness.  At first, it seemed like it wasn’t doing much, but I kept at it.  Pretty soon, it built enough momentum and I started noticing little things which seemed to be better than my normal experience of life.  The more I continued this approach, the less often I got blindsided by the big emergencies, and the smoother my life became.

The best approach is to spend some time manifesting general good luck, and some time manifesting specific things that will make your life much more enjoyable.

Okay, back to the topic of this week’s lesson.

Our focus is on extending the use of willpower beyond getting yourself to do things, and help you use willpower to maintain a clear focus on what you want to manifest, even if at first it seems impossible.

When you can decide to trust that what you want to manifest will actually happen, you’ll find that you get better results, and those results manifest quicker.

When you can go further than this, and trust the what you want to manifest has ALREADY happened, and you just need to find the evidence of it, you can get even quicker results.

And this is where willpower comes into the picture.

It’s also where we need to brush off our skills at pretending.

Time for another story.  Back when I was still in high school, I got interested in a girl I had met at the skating rink.  One Saturday, we arranged for our parents to take us to the mall, where we could walk around and just hang out for an hour or two.  After about an hour, we were walking up to a woman I recognized as her mother, so I stopped, chatted for a bit, and let her know we would come back around again in a little while.

When we continued our stroll, the girl I was with asked who the woman was.  That’s when I realized that I had just walked up to a complete stranger and started talking as if I knew her.  I felt a bit embarrassed, but quickly shifted my focus back to our time together.

That experience and others like it taught me something.  When we approach a situation as if we belong there, people will generally accept you.  If you approach a situation as if you’re butting in where you don’t belong, people will feel that something isn’t right, and you’re likely to get rejected.

That’s why we have the phrase, “fake it ‘til you make it.” If you can pretend to be successful and popular, people will accept you for who you appear to be, and you’ll become popular and successful.

Especially if you BELIEVE this experience will manifest.

Faith and Focus, powered by the Feeling of being connected to the Divine.  The core principles of manifesting.

Now, I realize that if I were the student listening to this lesson, I’d be waiting for the specific “what to do” instructions.  To summarize what we’ve been talking about here, the instructions would be to decide what you would like to manifest, focus on imagining that outcome as current reality, and use your willpower to keep your mind in a state of trust that the outcome will match your intentions.

If you see someone you’d like to meet, imagine that this person already likes you, and is eager to get to know you better.  Then make a decision to TRUST that this will be your experience as you go up to introduce yourself.

If you want to learn how to play a musical instrument and perform on stage, make a decision that you are destined to be a successful performing musician, and go through the motions of learning the instrument, practicing, and introducing yourself to other musicians as if you’re already a major player in the industry, always interested in learning new things.

If you want to start your own business, make a decision to trust that you will make all the right choices and your new business will be super-successful.

When you approach all situations as if success is assured, your faith will bend the laws of probability, and things will go your way more often than not.  It will be as if you have a guardian angel watching over you, or that the Force is with you.

Feel free to imagine yourself as being blessed by the Divine, with Divine Power flowing through you at all times, constantly connected in Faith so your Focused intentions become decrees from a modern prophet.

It may take significant effort at first to stay in this mind-state.  The more you do it, though, the easier it becomes, and the more natural it will feel.  Whenever you do find that you’ve slipped away from this, just bring yourself back into alignment with the feeling of a Divine Connection with Faith that your Focused intentions are influencing the world around you.

You can reinforce this by setting aside daily sessions to go into a full Harmonic Prayer session to manifest greater success as a walking Avatar of the Divine.

Homework Assignment

As we approach the end of Module 1, your homework assignments are becoming more of a suggestion than a requirement.

This week, you have an opportunity to transition into a more evolved approach to manifesting.  Continue using your full Harmonic Prayer sessions to manifest the important things in life.  You can also use these sessions to manifest greater abilities to manifest using nothing more than intentions.

As we’ve discussed, one of the important things required for this to work is a readily-available feeling of being connected to the Divine.  While it would be ideal if you could maintain this as a constant state of being, just being able to connect quickly is good enough.  This is also something you could focus on during your Harmonic Prayer sessions if you’d like a more consistent feeling of being Divinely Connected.

This method of manifesting also requires a strong faith in your ability to manifest.  Your continued practice in manifesting little things, gradually increasing the significance of the things you manifest as you improve, will give you this strong faith.  And again, you can use your Harmonic Prayer sessions to strengthen your faith if that would help.

And finally, the exercises I gave you last week to develop your willpower will help strengthen your intentions, so when you make a decision to manifest something, it’s a foregone conclusion that it will actually happen.  And yes, you guessed it, you can use the Harmonic Prayer process to further strengthen your willpower and intentions.

The main thing to add to your routine this week is to give yourself permission to imagine miraculous things, like manifesting world peace, the elimination of all poverty, war, and disease, as well as a destiny of greatness for yourself.

As a Divine Being, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.  You just have to believe in yourself.  I believe in you.

Until next time, be blessed, my friend.