Congratulations on getting this far into the Divine Dynamics course!

By this point, most online courses have lost about 50% of those who registered.  They either get bored with the topic, feel there must be a better way to accomplish their objectives, or get side-tracked with other things they feel must be done.  Those who drop out are usually the ones who always have an excuse for why they aren’t getting everything they deserve in life.

You have proven yourself to be different, to be an action-taker, to be someone who gets results.

And that’s a very good thing, because this week’s lesson focuses on what actions do you take after you have set Divine Forces in motion to manifest your desires.

Back when I first got into manifesting, I had read stories about people who used one process or another to manifest money, then went out and spent the money they had (usually for groceries and other necessities), and within a short period of time received the money they manifested.

When I tried to do that, it didn’t work out so well, but that was because my level of belief in the process was still rather weak.

I get much better results these days, because I have a much stronger faith in the manifesting process, and I know a few tricks that make it a lot easier.


Many of the healing stories in the Christian Bible tell of people who had been bedridden for years, getting up and walking away within minutes of Christ telling them, “You are healed.”  There are more moderns stories that also describe an experience of “instant healing.”

One of my best stories regarding healing happened one day when I was trimming a candle.  It was a 3-inch wide pillar candle that had burned in a way that caused the sides to melt and extinguish the wick every time it was lit.  I grabbed a large kitchen knife and proceeded to cut the sides off the candle, so it could start with a flat surface again.

I wasn’t paying close enough attention to what I was doing, the knife suddenly broke through the wax, and sliced open one of my fingers.  I grabbed a cloth, wrapped my finger, and focused my whole mind on the idea of the skin healing itself back together again to stop the bleeding.  Within a couple of minutes, the bleeding stopped, and the skin had started to mend itself back together again.

The only problem with this story, for this lesson at least, is that there wasn’t any need to “step out in faith” after the manifestation.

Perhaps more appropriately, this lesson is being written during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.  Because I have such a strong faith that I am and will continue to be healthy, I feel no need to panic, disinfect everything I touch, or wear a face mask.  I follow the governmental mandates where I have to, mostly because I want to respect other people’s beliefs, not that I share those beliefs.

A few lessons ago, I told you the story about how I manifested the relationship I now have with my wife, Linda.  In that case, I was doing manifestation sessions regularly in the evenings, and during the days, I would be on the lookout for the person who was going to become my new love interest.  Everywhere I went, I was looking and asking myself, “Is she in this building? Is she around that corner? Will I meet her at this event?”  I was focused on the idea that it was GOING to happen, and it COULD happen at any time.

The way that one worked out was that I got a feeling one day to look for a church which held meditation services.  If I had ignored that feeling, this relationship might never have happened.  Because I paid attention, and acted on the guidance that was given to me, that’s what led me right to where I needed to be.

Whether you’re manifesting a new relationship, or a convenient parking space near the entrance of a store, or a windfall of cash, the primary thing all of these have in common is that you do what you would do if you KNEW that the manifestation was going to happen, and it could happen at any moment.

If you’ve relaxed deeply enough, made a strong connection with the Divine, imagined the end result in enough detail, and anchored this with a profound feeling of Absolute Truth, Divine Power, and Supreme Confidence, then you will naturally expect the result to be as you had intended.  You just may not know the exact TIMING of it.

There are a few theories regarding the timing of your manifestations.  Some say that as soon as you can believe you’ll get your desired result, you will.  There is some evidence to support this idea.  There is also some evidence to support the idea that the more your desired result is different from your current reality, the longer it will take to manifest.  In other words, if you’re living paycheck to paycheck, manifesting an extra $1000 is probably going to happen quicker than manifesting a million.

Since there is usually a direct correlation between the degree of difference and the degree of belief, these two ideas essentially say the same thing.

This is another reason why it’s a good idea to start out manifesting little things and gradually increase the magnitude of your manifestations as you get more and more positive results.

Instant Healings and Relapses

Now, before we get too far away from the topic, I want to address the instant healing examples I mentioned earlier.

In most cases, these happen when the person involved is in a unique and highly energetic environment.  Having someone described as the “Son of God” saying that you are healed would certainly be a highly unique and energetic moment.  Traveling hundreds or even thousands of miles to see a spiritual healer with a reputation for positive results would also be quite unique.  Attending a spiritual revival can also be described as unique and highly energetic.

This is actually one of the reasons why we have stories of very strange and unique ingredients being used as magical potions, and why those who practice ceremonial magick use arcane symbols and rituals involving a variety of things, including blood and even sex.  The same principles are what led most churches to burn candles, incense, and sing songs to “get the energy moving” for their weekly services.

There have been many reports of people who were healed spiritually, and then experienced a relapse soon after returning home.

There are two main reasons for this.  First, the excitement of the event eventually wears off, and the healed person slips back into old habits, thoughts patterns, and beliefs.  For most of these people, they have abundant memories of being at home and in need of healing, and these memories come back to the surface to be examined.

Once the excitement of the event has worn off, many of us start to question the experience itself, and wonder if it may have been a dream.  This leads to doubts, and doubts can be described as a lack of faith.  In other words, relapses can happen if the faith which produced the manifestation isn’t maintained.  This is true not only of healing, but also in cases where someone manifests a lot of money, a great relationship, or anything else.

The other main reason for relapses is because beliefs can be context-dependent.  In other words, it’s easier to believe something different when you’re in a different environment.  Whether we’re talking about being healed, or becoming a more outgoing individual with high levels of confidence, or living a life of wealth and luxury, it’s not always easy to believe these things are possible when we’re in pain, faced with the opportunity to speak up for ourselves, or trying to figure out how to pay next month’s rent.

How to Set Your Own Context

Fortunately, there are ways to approach all of these situations, which allow your new positive beliefs to stay engaged and active.

One of the best ways is to engage in a little childish behavior.  No, I’m not talking about throwing a temper tantrum.  I’m talking about playing a game of pretend.

Most children will spend at least some time pretending they are a different type of person in a different place.  Whether it is avoiding aliens tracking their brainwaves, or playing “store” where they sell canned goods from the family cupboards, or playing “cowboys and indians” or “cops and robbers”, most of us have spent a little time seeing the world not as it is, but as we imagine it to be.

I think everyone has had the experience where you think everyone is looking at you.  If you feel yourself to be a nobody, you might think that everyone is looking at you and wondering who you are, and whether you deserve to be at the party.  If you’re more outgoing, you might feel the attention and thrive.

As you may recall, I felt for many years that I was just a nobody, and whenever I felt self-conscious, I assumed that people were judging me and wishing I was someplace else.  That wasn’t reality, but only what I imagined to be real.  I eventually got over that feeling by spending time pretending that I was the super-hot stud that everyone wanted to connect with.  Yeah, completely ridiculous, but it worked.  After a week or two of pretending to be someone else, I started to feel more comfortable being myself around other people, and getting attention from strangers.

When I needed to work on my beliefs about wealth, I would go to the malls, and walk through the shops, pretending that I had so much money in the bank, I could buy the whole place, and since I could afford the best of everything, there wasn’t anything there that was good enough for me.

I did a similar thing when I manifested the $20,000 sitting on my couch.  After relaxing as deeply as I could, and making a strong connection to the Divine, I would look around the living room, and imagine that I was seeing expensive art pieces, a pile of papers representing investment accounts, and a lake outside a huge window, which was attached to a bigger house somewhere other than within the city of Grand Rapids.  Within a few weeks, I received an investment account as a gift, and Divine Guidance showed me a complete plan for my business, including this Divine Dynamics course, which will finish the manifestation.

Another option is to pretend that someone with the power and authority to do so has promised to give you whatever you have selected as your manifestation.  This is a little like the experience of ordering something online, and waiting for it to be delivered.  You fully expect it to show up, you just don’t know exactly WHEN it will be there.

This is pretty much what I did when I manifested the relationship with Linda.  It’s also something I did to manifest a new car.  The first time I did this, I was living in a run-down apartment, and had recently been hired for a job that was a little better than I had before that point.  I was tired of riding the bus to and from work, especially since it took more than twice as much time as it would if I could just drive there.

I didn’t have any money for a deposit, probably couldn’t have qualified for a loan, and really didn’t see any way to get a car through the normal channels.  I had recently heard of this idea of pretending that a great and powerful being promised to give me what I wanted, so I pretended that the car had been promised and would be delivered soon.  I actually felt a bit excited, wondering how it was going to show up.

A few days later, I was walking past a used car dealership, and noticed a sign that offered easy credit terms with no down payment.  This was new information to me back then, so I stopped in.  Not long after, I was driving my own car, and feeling absolutely thrilled the manifestation had worked.  Not only that, I was completely happy with the price, the payment terms, and thoroughly enjoyed the car for as long as I had it.

The next time I manifested a new car, each time I drove the car I had, I pretended that I was driving a different car, one that was newer, looked better, and was more enjoyable to drive.  I imagined a different steering wheel in my hands, a different dashboard between me and the road ahead, a different sound of the engine.  I pretended that the whole driving experience was different, more to my liking.  That one manifested as a gift from my wife’s parents the next time they upgraded to a new car of their own.  I hadn’t told anyone I was working to manifest a new car.  They just asked if I wanted it.

How to Approach Negative Situations

Where all this gets tricky is when you have to deal with a situation that won’t exist once your manifestation happens.  For instance, when it’s time to take medication for a health problem, or a pain in your body is screaming for attention, or you have to decide which bills get paid this week and which ones have to wait until later.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the more you are relaxed, and the more you feel connected to the Divine, the quicker the ideas in your mind will manifest.  When you have to deal with a situation you want to eliminate, and you want to make sure you don’t manifest any more of it, it’s a good idea to disconnect from the Divine and allow yourself to become less relaxed, or to say it another way, to allow yourself to get agitated.

Believe it or not, anger can be good for you, especially when you have to deal with something unpleasant.  It cuts you off from the Divine, and it’s certainly not easy to relax when you’re angry.

Now, I’m not suggesting you get angry when you have to deal with negative situations.  I’m just letting you know that it’s not the worst thing that can happen.  The problem with anger is when you stay in it too long.

The BEST way to deal with these situations is to pretend they have a different context.

For instance, when you need to take medication.  Rather than thinking that you’ve failed because you haven’t yet manifested perfect health, approach it as if you were a test subject in a scientific experiment.  The study is trying to determine the effects of this medication on a perfectly healthy person.  You don’t NEED the medication, but you’re doing it simply because that’s part of the program.

If you’re dealing with physical pain, or a ringing in your ears, a screaming spouse, or something else that’s impossible to ignore, pretend that you’re a character in a movie, and this is just the role you’re playing this week.  The pain disappears in Act 3, and from that point on, it’s a lifetime of joy and vibrant health.  The physical sensations you’re experiencing now are proof of how good your imagination is, and when the job is done, so will be the painful experience.

Here’s another idea.  If you have to plan out how bill payments will be made, pretend that you’re buying a new yacht, or hiring a landscaping contractor for the back property, or something else you would do once you have your millions.  Since you want to extend the fun, you’ll pick one thing to buy this week and something else for next week.  Or imagine that you’re playing a game, and you’ve only been given a tiny amount of money to play with, and you have to outwit your competition, the other billionaires from the country club.

If you put your mind to it, there’s an infinite variety of ways you can imagine the various circumstances you have to deal with in a much more positive light.

And if you forget, or can’t find a good way to imagine a particular situation, just get through it the best you can.  The more you work with this material, the less often these things will come up, and you’ll eventually manifest a perfect life where everything goes exactly the way you want it to.

How to Ensure You Keep What You Manifest

As mentioned earlier, relapses can happen if the faith which produced the manifestation isn’t maintained This doesn’t mean you have to keep praying for it over and over again your whole life.  It just means you might want to refresh those beliefs every so often to keep them healthy and active.

One good way of doing this is to periodically look around and express a bit of gratitude for the things you have.  If you have a comfortable bed to sleep in, acknowledge that bit of wealth in your life.  If you get to sleep indoors, hey, that’s something.  If you have people who care for you, acknowledge the value they add to your experience.  If you can walk up and down stairs, express gratitude for that ability.

Back in lesson four, I mentioned that one of the simplest prayers was to relax deeply and connect with your inner Divine Essence through positive emotions such as love, gratitude, joy, bliss, and even pleasure.  This is a prayer that can be done in just a minute or two, and doing so once or twice a day can do a lot of good to maintain all of the different manifestations you’ve produced.

Homework Assignment

This week’s assignment is going to be easy for some folks, and a bit strange for others.

I’m asking you to go through this next week pretending that reality is something other than what it has been.  If you want to manifest wealth, pretend that the wealth is already yours, and anything that indicates otherwise is nothing more than a game you’re playing.  If you want to manifest a new love relationship, pretend that you’re the most sought after person on the planet, and everyone is just lining up to get on your TV reality matchmaking show.  If you have set an intention to manifest better health, pretend that future scientists are studying you as the most active 500-year old they’ve ever seen.

One thing I’m NOT asking you to do is to take any action that feels unnatural, risky, or that could jeopardize your health and well being.  And this includes buying luxury items you don’t need in hopes that this will get the ball rolling.

Remember, we’re starting out manifesting little things, and we’ll get to the bigger and more exciting manifestations in time.

Continue with your Harmonic Prayer sessions.  Ideally, you have this ingrained as a habit.  Relax as deeply as you can, indulge in positive emotions to open the connection with your Inner Divine Essence, and imagine the end result you want to manifest in rich, vivid detail.  Anchor this in with feelings of Divine Power, Absolute Truth, timeless existence, and anything else that’s appropriate.

Then, continue the process by bringing the essence of your imagined outcome into the physical world.  Pretend that every situation is a part of the final outcome you intend to manifest, and anything that seems part of the old experience is merely a game or an illusion that will soon be replaced with something more enjoyable.

This is a process that can produce some rather remarkable manifestations, and I sincerely hope you let me know what results you’re getting.

Until next time, be blessed, my friend.