Feel free to submit a prayer request,
and together, we’ll make miracles happen.

Whatever your problem, it can be solved with prayer, which can be described as enlisting the aid of the Ultimate Source of Power in our Universe — God.

While my Harmonic Prayer and Symbolic Solutions 2.0 products described on this website will help you connect with the Divine Presence to solve your own problems using various forms of prayer, I understand that not everyone has the time to develop the skills to pray effectively.  Sometimes, you just need someone to pray with you and get the job done RIGHT NOW.

I’m happy to pray for you.

My name is Alan Tutt, and I have over 25 years experience in getting real results from prayers.  Some of the things I have done with the power of prayer include:

  • Stopping a tornado within 5 minutes
  • Calling for and stopping rain
  • Producing “found” money and other financial windwalls
  • Multiple gifts, even including cars
  • Getting favorable responses from other people when it wasn’t their normal pattern
  • Many life experiences matching specified details, including jobs and relationships
  • Luck in card games
  • and many, many others

As you can see, this goes well beyond what most people talk about when they discuss the power of prayer.  In fact, some people may confuse this with casting magic spells, since I can get SPECIFIC results when I pray for them.

What my prayers can do for you

Although I will not help anyone commit murder, steal, or otherwise do harm to another person, I am happy to help you with anything that will make your life more enjoyable.  God wants you to be happy, and does not judge any request made in prayer.  As such, you can ask me to pray for help to:

  • get a new job
  • get a raise in salary (or a promotion) in your current job
  • get the recognition you deserve
  • sell a house, car, or other major item
  • find a one-of-a-kind bargain on a house, car, or other major item  (may even be a gift)
  • find a unique item which is otherwise not available
  • find “lost treasure”
  • attract a financial windfall, where money just comes out of nowhere
  • improve your luck in games of chance, such as a lottery or at a casino
  • attract assistance in starting a new business
  • attract funding for a new business
  • gain agreement from a strategic partner for your business
  • attract customers to your business
  • get large-scale publicity for your business
  • become famous in your marketplace
  • improve a current relationship, romantic or otherwise  (good for coworkers, family, and friends)
  • fix a broken relationship
  • attract a new romantic relationship
  • attract your “soul mate” to spend the rest of your life with
  • increase your popularity
  • attract multiple sexual partners who are happy to engage in casual sex with you
  • improve your sexual performance to please your partner
  • improve your health (or the health of someone you know, even a pet)
  • increase your vitality (ie.—  have more energy)
  • regain your youthful vigor and appearance
  • increase your longevity (ie.—  live longer)
  • improve your peace of mind
  • cancel out any negative influence from others
  • feel safe and protected in your home and everywhere you go
  • provide protection for those close to you, human or otherwise  (ie.- a pet, perhaps)
  • just about anything else you can imagine

As you can see, it’s okay to pray for things that may seem to be selfish or indulgent.  It’s your life, and God wants you to be happy.  In almost every situation that involves other people, there will be others who are happy to share your experience on your terms, which is why it’s okay.

One thing that I refuse to do with prayer is to force another person into something they don’t want to do.  This is why I will not pray for a SPECIFIC person to fall in love with you, or otherwise participate in an experience.  In my prayers, I always leave it open for an unknown SOMEONE to come in and fulfill your request.

As an example, if your spouse has filed for divorce, and you do not want to be single again, my prayer is that you will be happily married, and the perfect partner for you will come into your life.  That person may be your spouse deciding not to pursue the divorce, or it may be someone else who becomes a much better partner for you than your previous spouse.

Requirements for Prayers

Those who have studied my books and audio programs know that REAL prayer requires more than a simple recitation of a few words.  It requires a deep and powerful connection to the Source of Power, which many people call God.  It also requires a very keen degree of focus, and an unshakable faith in both God and your ability to get results from prayers.

As Christ was quoted in the Christian Bible, “according to your faith is it done unto you,” and “anything is possible to one who believes.”

If you feel your own faith in prayer is lacking,
and you have a problem which requires an immediate solution,
then I would like to help.

You can help me pray for you by giving me your name and what you’d like to see happen in your life.  No photos, no lock of hair, no physical connection necessary.  Just your name and what you’d like to experience.

While I will admit that having a physical connection can often improve the results, it’s not NEEDED.

All I need is your first name and what you’d like God to do for you.  I’ll also need your email address to send you valuable information, such as any insights I receive after praying for you.

My Prayer Process

On any given day, I can usually devote several hours to prayer.  Part of that time is spent in making a strong connection to God — the Divine, the Source of all Power.  Once the connection is made, I start with a general blessing for all humanity, to help the world grow more enlightened.  I usually spend 5 to 10 minutes on this prayer before moving on to others.

Between each prayer, I spend 5 to 10 minutes reconnecting with the Divine Presence, to ensure that each prayer is as strong as it can be.

My next prayer is for all those who have subscribed to my mailing list and read the articles I send them.  This prayer is for a much smaller group of people, and therefore will usually produce a much more noticeable result than the general prayer for all humanity.  Even so, I have several thousand people on my mailing list.

After another period of reconnection, I focus my prayers on those who have purchased my products within the last 6 months, whether they have requested specific prayers or not.  This prayer is for the group, and since these folks are actively participating in their own advancement, these folks should feel a stronger influence towards personal well-being and happiness.

Next, I turn my attention to those who have requested specific prayers, focusing on each person individually in turn.  I focus the power of prayer on them specifically, and the solution they would like to see in their life.  My entire focus is on helping each person in turn, and the intensity of the focus yields the best possible results.

Using this process, I can usually pray for about 10 specific people each day, with everyone else included into the group prayers.

Let me pray for you

As mentioned above, everyone who submits a prayer request will be included in one or more of my prayers.  I will do what I can to make sure that the system is fair to everyone.

Please know that I cannot offer any type of guarantee on the results you get from these prayers.  God may have plans for you that involve you going through specific experiences.  One thing I’ve found is that the greater your destiny, the more intense your training.

Also, I think it’s important to know that some problems may be solved with a single prayer, and that other problems may require multiple prayers before you see positive results.

If you have any questions about this service, please feel free to contact me with them.

Prayer Request Submission Form

Use this form to submit a free prayer request.  Please know that you will get a series of emails that will give you additional information on prayer and how you can get better results from your own prayers.

You will have the option to unsubscribe from the email series at any time.  However, please know that I use the subscriber list for my prayer process, and if you unsubscribe, you will no longer be in my prayers.

Thank you, and may you be well blessed.