In September and October, we had a series of 7 Zoom sessions in which I worked with those members who signed up for the sessions to help them manifest more of what they want in life.

In general, the sessions went well, with lots of positive feedback and results for those who attended.

These sessions also gave me additional experience leading groups through a hypnotic process, including testing some of the “boundaries” I should pay attention to, such as how sophisticated the hypnotic language needs to be, how much to include in a single session, how fast or slow to introduce new concepts, and how I may want to introduce some concepts during such a session.

For all of these reasons and more, I do want to continue doing these sessions.

However, as we get closer to the “holiday season”, I also recognize that it may not always be easy and convenient for everyone to attend the sessions.

It may also be a good thing if I focus as much of my own time on producing new member content, such as the long-awaited Harmonic Living course, and a continuing library of new hypnosis recordings I have planned.

In addition, I’ve realized that while all of the new material will be GREAT for members, there will also be some folks who would prefer to purchase single items they can keep permanently rather than “renting” the full library with a membership.  I’m already working on bringing back the option to purchase individual courses and audio programs.

So, we’re going to put the group manifesting sessions on hold until January, and I’ll focus on getting as much new material produced in the meantime.

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