I’d like to introduce you to someone.

You probably haven’t heard of him, because he’s not one of those “celebrity gurus” out in the limelight.

His name is Alan Tutt, and he’s probably one of the most knowledgeable “underground” experts on the subject of manifesting.

Alan has spent nearly 40 years researching and experimenting with many different ideas in the manifesting space, and offers some unique views on the subject.

He makes most LOA “gurus” look like a bunch of amateurs.

For instance, did you know that it’s possible to manifest miracles with nothing more than a single thought?

No hours of repeating affirmations, doing visualizations, making vision boards, chanting, or tapping yourself silly.

Simply decide what you want, and trust it to happen.

And did you know that it’s possible to control things like the weather?

Alan’s list of accomplishments includes stopping a tornado within minutes, as well as manifesting specific weather conditions, including temperature, cloud cover, wind speed, humidity, and so on.

Anyone can manifest wealth when they run a business even if they know nothing about the Law of Attraction.

Only a true manifesting master can control the weather.

Many LOA experts will tell you that you must be physically involved with your manifestation, and that you cannot manifest money sitting on your couch.

Guess what. Alan has proved them wrong on that as well.

One of his examples is the manifestation of $20,000 doing nothing more than sitting on his couch.

Alan has recently published a video that explains the core principles of manifesting, and how you can develop the skills required to MANIFEST MIRACLES reliably and consistently, EVERY SINGLE TIME!

It’s a 40-minute video, and well worth your time if you want to get more reliable and consistent results in manifesting.

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