Harmonic Prayer Support System

The Harmonic Prayer course gives you everything you need to start using the power of prayer effectively.  However, it’s still just written words, so I’ve also developed a number of audio recordings which will help you in your quest for ultimate success in prayer.  These recordings make it easier to create the conditions required for truly effective prayer, thus helping you get positive results quickly.

The recordings described below will help you increase your faith, focus, and feeling of harmony with God, all of the things described in the core Harmonic Prayer course.  I’ve also included additional recordings that will help you even more, as you’ll see below.

Faith CDs (4)

To help you increase your faith beyond what the book shows you how to do instantly, I have included a mini-module from my EmBRACES Belief Entrainment System.   These recordings were designed to be played in the background while you do other things (such as working, driving, or other activities requiring focus), and reinforce the beliefs required for strong faith in magic and miracles — exactly what most folks want from their prayers.

What’s really great about these recordings is that they contain so much variety, you will never get “desensitized” to the material.  This means that you will continue to get positive results no matter how long you listen to them.

For a complete description of the technologies contained in these EmBRACES recordings, click here.

At the standard $9.99 price you normally find on iTunes and similar sites for downloadable CDs, these recordings (by themselves) are a real $39.96 value.

Feeling CD

To help you increase your feeling of being in harmonic resonance with God, I have created a set of 4 guided meditations.  All of these meditations include a BWE (BrainWave Entrainment) component, which helps put you into the ideal mind state for meditation.

Harmonic Meditation for Divine Faith – This 20-minute meditation helps to increase your faith as well as the feeling of harmony with God.  It guides you through a proven process to identify the feeling of faith, and then to amplify it to the point where you KNOW that you can perform miracles.

Harmonic Meditation for Divine Love – One of the most powerful factors for achieving harmonic resonance with God, this 20-minute meditation guides you through a process which activates the most powerful love in the Universe.

Harmonic Meditation for Divine Power – This 20-minute meditation uses a Kabbalah form called the “Tree of Life”, said to be the most powerful way to bring yourself into harmonic resonance with God.  This meditation does not stop with the middle pillar of balance as most do, and also includes the pillar of severity and pillar of mercy as well.  By the time you’re done with this meditation, you’ll FEEL God’s Power vibrating throughout your entire body!

Harmonic Meditation for Divine Wisdom – The final 20-minute meditation on this CD, this meditation completes the process of bringing you into PERFECT harmonic resonance with God, as it combines Divine Love and Divine Power to activate dormant areas of your brain and mind, creating new connections between the neurons, and increasing your intelligence, your memory, and your creativity, as you grow more in tune with the Divine Mind of God.

Focus CD

To help you increase your ability to focus, and thereby clearly communicate what you want in prayer, I have created a series of 3 meditations.

No-mind meditation – This 20-minute meditation guides you into a traditional no-mind meditation, where you eliminate all distracting thoughts from your mind.  This process is helped by a BWE (BrainWave Entrainment) track, which automatically takes you into a low alpha state of mind.

Active-mind meditation – This 20-minute meditation goes in the opposite direction, and guides you through a process where you eventually pay attention to EVERYTHING in the environment around you.  Your limits will be pushed and stretched, as you grow to become more than you were.  This meditation has produced extraordinary results for those who have used it.

BWE Brain Tune-up – This 30-minute BWE session contains no words, yet removes any resistance within your brain, allowing you to think faster, more clearly, and using less energy.  As a result, you find yourself sleeping less, getting more done, and achieving better results.  Incredible!

Prayer Session CD

This “resource CD” will help you focus your mind during prayer, automatically making your prayers more powerful. This is done with BWE (BrainWave Entrainment), a natural technology proven to help guide your mind into a desired state. There are 4 20-minute tracks on this CD.

Alpha Track – This track uses a basic alpha BWE protocol with music, giving you a gentle background with which to pray.  Perfect for those new to BWE.

Alpha+Theta Track – This track goes deeper, and helps you focus even more, to the point of disconnecting from the world around you.  The background contains natural forest sounds.

Alpha+Theta+Gamma Track – Similar to the above track, this one adds a gamma component, to prevent you from “zoning out” to the point of losing your intention.  Especially useful for those who tend to fall asleep during meditation.  The background here is a natural beach environment.

Theta+Gamma Track – For those who want to explore the limits of BWE-enhanced prayer.  This session takes you deeper, while keeping you focused.  Includes other-worldly music to help you further disconnect from current reality.

Harmonic Prayer Support System

  1. Feeling CD (Divine Faith, Divine Love, Divine Power, Divine Wisdom)
  2. Focus CD (No-mind, Active-mind, BWE Brain Tune-up)
  3. BWE Prayer Sessions CD (Alpha, Alpha+Theta, Alpha+Theta+Gamma, Theta+Gamma)
  4. 4 EmBRACES CDs (Magic & Miracles Module, Focus mode)

With these recordings (all in high-quality MP3 format), it’s fairly easy to fit a 20-minute meditation into your busy schedule.

Or, you could set aside an hour or two, and put yourself into the IDEAL state for truly effective prayer.  And while you COULD do it yourself with just the book, the recordings make it so much easier, you’ll save hours of valuable time.  (And you know what your time is worth more than I do.)

At the standard price of $9.99 per downloadable CD, this package has a real value of $79.92.  Of course, I’m not greedy, and am willing to give it to you for just $49.

Money-Back Guarantee

I wouldn’t sell anything I couldn’t back up with a guarantee.  I’ve had so few refund requests over the years that I know that anyone who even tries the material will see results.  The only ones who don’t are those who think they already know everything.  And those who think they can cheat the system will find karma to be a heavy burden.  So I can feel safe in offering you this INCREDIBLE guarantee:

If you EVER feel that this material hasn’t helped you increase your prayer power, I will cheerfully refund every penny you’ve spent.  No questions about what you didn’t like. No “prove you’ve used the materials” questions. No questions whatsoever.  And no time limit, either.  (I’ll probably ask how the materials may be improved, but answering this isn’t a requirement to get a refund.)

Quite simply, there’s nothing for you to lose in giving my materials a try.

It’s simple —  you either get the results you want, or you get your money back.  Period.

After 13 years of being in business online, less than 2% of all customers have ever asked for a refund.
Proof that the materials I produce WORK.


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