New Identity, New Life

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and start over again? 

Would you like to quickly develop new skills and habits without going through the normal process of “toughing it out” until they take hold?

If either of these resonates with you, then you’ll want to use this hypnotic session to make significant changes quickly.

In just 25 minutes, this session guides you into a deep and powerful hypnotic trance, where you can access the full power of your entire mind, and then apply this power to change whatever you’d like.

There are many ways you could use this session. For example, if you’ve always seen yourself as a dull, boring person that no one would want to spend time with, you can decide now to be more outgoing, actually enjoying walking up to complete strangers and talking to them as easily as a long-time friend. You could decide to start seeing yourself as someone who is good at cooking, or writing, or public speaking, or anything else you would like to be better skilled at doing, and your new self-image will guide your decisions and actions so that you do become much better at the skills you wish to develop.

Of course, practice is still required, but with a strong self-image behind it, you’ll find that you pick up the desired skills much faster and with less effort.

In my own life, I have found the process I will guide you through here in this session to be the most effective at helping me make deep, fundamental changes to my own personality and skill sets, and I am happy to share my process with you.

This session uses proven psychological processes for change as typically used in hypnotherapy sessions to help you make the most significant changes within a short time period.

How to Use This Session

While most hypnotic sessions on this website are a “one and done” experience, this particular session may require repeated listenings, especially if you’re making VERY dramatic changes, as the conditions of your life will take more time to change, and until they do change, they COULD apply certain pressures to influence you to revert back to your previous way of being.

For this reason, I would recommend you listen to this session once a week until your new life feels completely normal and natural, which could be right away, or it could be several weeks.

Money-Back Guarantee

As with all the downloadable products sold on this website, I offer a full LIFETIME guarantee.  If at any point you feel that the results you get from this program aren’t worth the price you paid, just let me know and I’ll process a full refund for you right away.

However, I do SUGGEST you follow through with the program and listen to it once a week for several weeks before asking for a refund, as this is the only way to really know what results you will get.

Original price was: $19.95.Current price is: $9.95.

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