Congratulations on making the decision to take positive action to eliminate stress from your life for good.

This system of recordings has been created to help ANYONE—no matter how much stress you might feel—to eliminate all traces of that stress and then prevent any stress from coming back again.

Each recording has been carefully crafted to help you get in touch with the most powerful part of yourself, and use that incredible power to make significant shifts to the way you look at life and respond to various situations so you can relax, release, and let go of whatever stress you might have been feeling before using these recordings.

By the end of the program, you will have learned how to deal with stress even before it has a chance to affect you, and what’s even better is that you’ll also have gained a fresh perspective on your own capabilities and what you can accomplish in your life, which may be even more valuable than simply reducing and eliminating all that stress.

While I would LOVE to be able to tell you that listening to a single short recording will magically take away any level of stress, there are some folks who will need to use TWO of these recordings to completely eliminate all traces of stress from your experience.

Each recording is about a half-hour in length, and you can listen to them whenever you have the time to focus on the experience.  While there is nothing for you to do consciously during these sessions, being actively engaged and focused on the material will allow it to do it’s work for you.

Play the Files Here

If you’d rather not mess with downloading files and playing them on your device, which you can do with links below, you may listen to the system directly on this page using the player here.

Download the Files Here

Sometimes, you just want to have the media files on your device, where you will always have immediate access to them.  You may download the sessions using these links:

System Introduction  Session 1: RECESS!  Session 2: A Day at the Spa  Session 3: Stress Shield