The recordings below are part of a new series being created for the new Divine Dynamics course.  I will be adding more as they become available.

The first 2 sets are intended to give you a solid foundation for manifesting, as each session focuses on one of the key skills required — faith, focus, and feeling.  Incidentally, the order of the recordings below is actually focus, then faith, then feeling.  This is the best order to use the recordings, as each one sets up the foundation for the one following it.

As far as usage recommendationsI recommend you only listen to one hypnosis session per day.  These go into greater depth than my previous recordings, and you’ll most likely experience some after-effects as your deeper mind processes the changes created by these sessions.  In the accompanying course, these are intended to be used twice and that’s pretty much it.  No need to listen to them daily for weeks or months, although you could repeat them every so often (once a month?) if you choose.

You COULD use all 3 of the guided sessions in a single day if you choose to do so.  I suspect that most folks will choose to only do one of these per day as well.  It’s your choice.

There is also another recording, which was created “off the cuff” for a healing project I did earlier this year.  I do plan to redo this one at some point to improve it, but am leaving it here in case anyone wants to experiment with it.

Manifesting Foundation – Hypnosis Sessions

Manifesting Foundation – Guided Sessions