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Effective Prayer Is Based on 3 Things

When you have all 3 of these in place, true miracles become possible.

Faith that God exists and answers prayers. Faith that God can solve the problem you face. Faith that you deserve God’s help. Faith that your prayers will be heard. A faith that leaves no room for doubt. This course will show you some amazingly simple techniques that will INSTANTLY increase your faith, and other techniques that will build your faith over time. You’ll be surprised at how easy this can be.

Focus to keep your mind clear as you pray. If you pray with a confused mind, your prayer will also be confused, and it will go nowhere. Luckily, there are simple techniques to focus your mind quickly, as well as more long-term solutions to further increase your ability to focus at will.

And finally, effective prayer involves a feeling that puts you in harmonic resonance with God. It is this Divine Harmony which carries your prayer to God, and makes it possible to get a response. Here again, you are about to find out how to INSTANTLY bring yourself into harmony with God, and you’ll be surprised at how easy (and enjoyable) it is.

If any of these factors are missing, prayer won’t work. In order to pray effectively, all 3 of these factors must be strong. Think of it as 3 valves on a water pipe. All 3 must be open before water will flow through the pipe.

Harmonic Prayer shows you exactly how to INSTANTLY
increase each of these factors—literally within SECONDS.