When you’ve developed the skills of power persuasion, you will find that you get more of what you want from the people in your life. You get more respect, people place more value on your ideas, any disagreements are quickly dispersed, and everyone has more fun.

Resistance, which usually arises when two people are at odds with each other, fades away. This is because you are able to find the motivations that cause the other person to want to do things your way instead. With less resistance, you are able to get quicker results because agreement is reached sooner. By making the experience more fun for everyone involved, results tend to be of a higher quality, since no-one is grudgingly accepting the inevitable, but is eagerly anticipating a positive result.

Knowing how to get what you want from other people results in a higher standard of living, because you know how to get more from the work you do. You’ll be able to persuade those you work with to be more cooperative and productive, which will lead to promotions, awards, and raises. Others will know that you can get the job done when no-one else can, and that will lead to respect, recognition, and authority.

If you choose, you could even take the skills you learn here and apply them to one of the highest-paying careers in the world – copywriting. Businesses have a strong need for effective marketing materials. Many businesses will spend $10,000 to $50,000 for a great sales letter, which may take you only a week to create. The skills of persuasion are very valuable indeed.

While this may not be your goal, you can choose to do anything you want with the skills you learn in this course. The only limits are those you set on yourself.