One of the unique benefits of this course over other similar courses is that the information is clearly organized and the structure of persuasion is easily understood. The courses I studied were poorly organized and did not give you the feeling that you had actually mastered the information discussed. Some courses get too much into the examples, and not enough into the theory behind the examples. With them, you end up thinking that power persuasion is a matter of memorizing scripts and delivering lines like an actor on a stage.

With this course, you are getting the full theory, balanced with enough examples so that you understand how that theory is put into practical application. As you read through this course, you will find yourself naturally understanding the concepts so well that you automatically begin using them without even trying. When you understand the principles, it’s incredibly simple to put them into use without the need for memorizing scripts.

The course material you have in your hands now was written using the concepts and skills that are being taught. Simply by the way things are worded and the phrases that are used, the information gets into your mind so deeply that it’s as though the process of reading is actually ‘transplanting’ the mind of a power persuader into your brain. There is no easier way to learn anything.

As you will discover, this is based on a science called ‘conversational hypnosis’, which is a natural phenomenon that has nothing to do with putting people to sleep or making them think they are Napoleon. Conversational hypnosis is a phenomenon that occurs any time language is used, as you will soon discover for yourself.

Just for reference, every paragraph you have now read contains an example of conversational hypnosis in use. Your mind is already being conditioned to readily accept the information that follows, much like a garden is fertilized before the seeds are planted. Continue reading, and watch the beautiful garden grow.