While getting your prospect to imagine and experience good things and getting those experiences linked to your proposal will increase your persuasiveness, there is a whole process that will subliminally hypnotize your prospect to accept your suggestions as their own.

In researching the art and science of persuasion, I discovered that there are 5 distinct phases of the persuasion process. Distinct may or may not be the best word, as the 5 phases generally overlap and work together. This may be why I never found a single book, course, or program that discussed all 5 phases of the persuasion process.

The 5 phases of persuasion are: (drum roll, please…)

  1. Creating Rapport & Trust

  2. Shifting Your Prospect’s State

  3. Setting Context

  4. Distraction & Misdirection

  5. Covert Delivery of Subliminal Persuasive Messages