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I'm currently putting the finishing touches on an outline for a new set of workshop videos.  Until I come up with a better name, the workshop is being called a "Hit the Ground Running" Manifesting Workshop.

The intention for this workshop is to give new members a significant jump on mastering the art and science of manifesting before starting the 13-week Divine Dynamics course.  This will essentially replace what is currently in the first written lesson, although that will probably stay where it is as an alternative to the videos.

Recording should happen sometime over the next week or two.

Here's the outline.  Let me know if you see where I could improve the flow, or if there's something more I should add.

“Hit the Ground Running”
Manifesting Workshop

Anticipated: 3-4 hours

  1. Introduction

    1. Assume they know why they are here – to master the art and science of manifesting to get more of what they want in life. Keep this goal in mind for self-motivation.

    2. This is for those completely new to manifesting, as well as those who have been working with these ideas for years and have recently found my materials. It can also be a good refresher for those who feel they are stuck, and need to break through a sticking point.

    3. I will be showing you some exciting new ways to approach manifesting

    4. By the time we finish, you’ll know...

      1. How manifesting works

      2. 2 different core processes you can use to manifest anything

      3. How to design a custom process just for you

      4. How to activate your manifesting ability quickly for maximum short-term effectiveness

      5. How to develop your abilities for maximum long-term effectiveness

    5. Who am I to teach this?

      1. Early background – fascinated by Bible stories and ghost stories

      2. Lots of fruitless experimentation (misleading and incomplete information)

      3. Falling dominoes – hit rock bottom

      4. Bookstore miracle – week of failed attempts to duplicate

      5. Years of mad-scientist research and experimentation

      6. Many successful demonstrations – Die-cutting shop, Linda, weather, etc.

      7. Started teaching online 20 years ago in 2003

      8. Continued to refine my understanding, my skills, and teaching ability

      9. Breakthroughs continue even now

  2. Foundation – How Manifesting Works

    1. Address other ideas – rituals, crystals, spirits, “works whether you believe in it or not”, etc.

    2. Working Models – concepts, not necessarily reality

      1. Law of Attraction – Pulling experiences closer

      2. Law of Reflection – Creating new experiences

      3. Dimension Divergence – Choosing a new (pre-existing) reality

      4. Prayer – Help from above

      5. Thought-Forms – Self-created automatons

      6. Spiritual Body Extension – Do it yourself

    3. The 10 “Laws” of Power

      1. Law of Spirituality - Spirit is the foundation substance of everything. Matter is composed of energy, which is an extension of Spirit. Quantum physics is beginning to realize this. The Power of Spirit controls everything else.

      2. Law of Belief - Whatever you believe will be reflected by outer experience. The world will look like what you believe it to be. When you change your beliefs about reality, reality appears to change to support the new belief.

      3. Law of Cause & Effect - Your thoughts and feelings are causes which produce effects in the outer world. Whatever you are experiencing right now is the effect of a previous set of thoughts and feelings. Whatever you choose to think and feel now will produce effects in your life later on.

      4. Law of Invocation - A deliberate use of Power is more effective than a collection of random thoughts and feelings. Feelings of worry, anger, fear, guilt, and anxiety can be counteracted by a deliberate invocation of Power for good.

      5. Law of Balance - Two equal, but opposing forces will counterbalance each other and cancel each other out. Negative uses of Power can be cancelled by a positive use of Power. If two uses of Power are directed to opposing goals, the stronger use of Power will achieve results.

      6. Law of Cycles - Everything operates in cycles, with part of the cycle devoted to outgoing expressing, and part of the cycle devoted to recuperating introspection. Working with the cycles is easier than fighting against them.

      7. Law of Development - The natural tendency of Life is to promote development. Life is a classroom in which we learn lessons. We will always be pushed to exceed our limitations.

      8. Law of the Fittest - The strongest will survive, or at least win out in any contest. Also, changes that result in improvements are kept while changes that result in impairment are discarded.

      9. Law of Momentum - Once a force is set in motion, it tends to stay in motion. Also, once movement in a particular direction is started, it is easier to make it go faster, and the movement doesn’t require as much effort to maintain.

      10. Law of Association - The mind works by association. Anything that triggers a thought also triggers all related thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. These triggered thoughts will also direct Power to produce an effect just as much as conscious thoughts.

    4. Faith

      1. Primary cause of manifestations – “according to your faith is it done”

      2. Everything else serves to shift / change our faith

      3. Best to start all manifestation efforts with a focus on the feeling of faith itself. Pure faith in absolute truth and reality. Then transfer that faith to the desired outcome.

    5. Focus

      1. Willpower used to hold our focus on what we want to manifest long enough for it to happen

      2. Single-pointed focus much more powerful than spreading attention over many things

      3. Shifting focus between 2 things over and over merges these in our minds (faith transference)

    6. Feeling

      1. Provides substance and context for thoughts and beliefs (makes it seem REAL)

      2. A single feeling consolidates many facts and beliefs, providing a cleaner FOCUS

      3. Bi-directional association. By focusing on desired feelings, our faith shifts to match our focus.

    7. Training Process (covered later) – Weightlifting requires more than pure strength, Also requires balance, speed, and belief (weightlifting story – short version)

  3. Core Processes

    1. Harmonic Prayer – Relax, indulge, activate faith, imagine, anchor, act

    2. Harmonic Intent – Decide and trust

  4. Process Customization (NLP triggers & more)

    1. General guidelines for customization

      1. Whatever helps you increase your faith, focus, and/or feeling

      2. Remember that the details aren’t as important as the core idea behind them

      3. Fun is more effective than work (i.e. – singing, dancing, sensual indulgences, sex, food, etc.)

      4. Avoid guilt, shame, or obligation

    2. Activating faith

      1. special places, symbolic references, candles, etc.

      2. guided session to increase faith

    3. Activating focus

      1. exercise, pacing, food, fresh air, deep breathing, pain, shock, etc.

      2. guided session to increase focus

    4. Activating feeling

      1. indulgence, sensory recall, music, meditation

      2. guided session to increase feeling

    5. Harmonic Leverage (The Power of Cycles)

      1. Harmonic Prayer / Harmonic Intent

      2. intense push / open daydream

      3. doing / being

      4. breathe in power / breathe out intention

      5. Daily & Monthly Cycles (Body Rhythms)

      6. other resource triggers (posture, ritual, etc.)

    6. Integrating custom process elements

  5. Guided session to manifest primary goal (Advanced Harmonic Prayer)

    1. Relax

    2. Indulge

    3. Activate faith

    4. Imagine

    5. Anchor

    6. Accept

    7. Act

  6. Developing Better Manifesting Skills (Description of Divine Dynamics)

    1. Accessing deeper states of mind – meditation & hypnosis (first 2 weeks of Divine Dynamics)

    2. Faith, Focus, Feeling skill development (various exercises)

    3. Supporting Beliefs

      1. Self-worth / Self-esteem

      2. I can and I will (confidence & willpower)

      3. Mind over matter (spiritual over physical)

      4. Perspective (self greater than situation)

        1. I am Divine / Divine Authority

        2. I am greater than the problem / project

    4. Intuition / Psychic Perceptions (Efficiency through Divine Guidance)

    5. Success Momentum (Little wins lead to big ones)

    6. Pattern-based manifesting

  7. Closing

    1. You are better equipped now to manifest your desires than 95% of everyone who has ever manifested anything. You are better equipped than I was when I manifested windfalls of cash, or stopped the rain.

    2. And yet, this is only the beginning. As you go through the Divine Dynamics course, you will find yourself growing and becoming more capable of performing greater feats of mastery.

    3. The most important thing is to stick with it no matter what. Depending on your past experience, the process may be easy or difficult. If I can do it, you certainly can do it too.

    4. Set a goal for the next 7 days to listen to a hypnosis recording once a day, no matter what else happens in your life. This will communicate to your deeper mind that you are committed and will not be derailed from the process. It will also produce significant growth in your ability to manifest.

    5. I’m here to help. If you ever need assistance, just let me know.

Posted : November 7, 2022 1:04 pm