The Power Keys are those Keys that work with Power directly. Proficiency is needed with these before the Working Keys can be used effectively. The difference between using the Working Keys before mastering these and after mastering these is like the difference between a sailboat and a motorboat. They will both get you somewhere, but one will get you there much quicker, and without depending on environmental conditions to do it. It is also strongly recommended that the Developmental Keys (Preparation Keys and Foundation Keys) be mastered before working with the Power Keys. This is to ensure that safety is maintained at all times. Any form of power can be dangerous without the proper safeguards. And the greater the power, the more dangerous it can be.

Uniting with Power Key – This is the Key we use to tap into Power and build our connection to it. Each time we unite with Power, we are increasing the capacity of the channel through which Power flows. Imagine the difference in the amount of water transferred through a garden hose, and that transferred through a city water supply pipeline. The process of using this Key is much the same as the process in the Expanded Awareness exercise. Find a comfortable spot to sit for at least 15-30 minutes. Try to empty your mind of all thoughts and simply experience everything around you. Pay attention to everything. But this time, pay attention to more than the physical details. Focus your mind even more intently to perceive the Power behind the substance of what you experience. Continue until you sense the Web of Power and with it the unity of all things. As you merge with this unity, you are building the channel through which you will use Power. You are also ‘maturing’ spiritually and becoming a more evolved spiritual being.

Power Collection Key – With this Key, we are able to build our personal reservoir of Power. This benefits us in many ways. Our health improves, our thinking process operates quicker, we can influence things outside of our direct control with increased ease, and our outlook on Life improves, to name a few benefits. Here’s the process in a nutshell. Focus your mind on Power. Use controlled breathing to act as a physical signal that a non-normal mode is being accessed. With each breath inwards, imagine Power filling your body. With each breath outwards, imagine all tensions and negativity being released. Continue until you feel as if you have enough Power, or until you feel that you have reached your capacity.