Belief systems are extremely powerful, and provide the context in which everything happens. Here’s an example of the power of beliefs. Let’s say a friend of ours, Sam, has been in several failed relationships. He meets someone he likes, they hit it off, and everything is great for a month or so. Then trouble sets in, and the relationship breaks up. Sam believes that relationships are doomed no matter what. This belief starts to affect the decisions that Sam makes. Now he doesn’t even try to develop a good relationship and settles for brief encounters without giving them a chance to develop into anything more. Sam’s belief that all relationships are doomed will prevent him from ever experiencing a good relationship.

Another example of the power of beliefs can be seen in the medical profession. The general consensus (belief) is that disease is caused by physical factors alone, and physical factors are the only ones capable of healing. This belief prevents any evidence that prayer-therapy works from being seriously studied. Doctors just don’t want to hear that your sister received a healing after her church group prayed for her. And so, many patients continue to experience pain and suffering.

Here’s a positive example of the power of beliefs. Let’s say we have another friend, Susan, who grew up in a small town where no woman ever held a position of authority. She starts out with a belief that it is just not possible for her to start and run her own business. But she learns about the power of belief, and begins to work on her own beliefs about power, authority, business, sexual roles in society, and so on. Gradually, she starts to believe that she can indeed start and run a business. Susan’s new beliefs give her the courage to try, although she does this in a new town where the old thought patterns won’t interfere with her plans. Susan makes the usual mistakes, but due to the strength of her new beliefs, she perseveres. Eventually, the tides turn and her new business begins to show a profit. Her beliefs grow stronger, which help her business grow more successful. Susan is now running a very successful business and is happier than she ever thought possible.

Here’s the secret to beliefs. Beliefs are formed through repeated exposure to the same idea. The more you hear an idea expressed, the more you believe it. Period, end of story. Of course, hearing is not the only sense through which beliefs are formed. Sight, touch, smell, taste, any sense through which evidence to support an idea will add to the total information to support or deny a belief to form.

While there are many useful and destructive beliefs which help or hinder us in our lives, the beliefs most important to the development of Power are the following. You are capable of tapping into the same Power which created and sustains the universe. You were created from the substance of that Power, your own body is Power incarnate. There is no opposition to your use of Power. You only have to think and feel in a way that represents what you want Power to do, and it will be done. There is no good or evil, only pleasant or not. There is no judgment of your actions or your choices. There are only the repercussions of the natural responses of the universe, which follow definite, definable, predictable (if we know them all) laws.

Other beliefs that you want to strengthen are:

  • I can see the spiritual essences of the people and things around me.
  • I do not need to interpret symbols in order to get information psychically.
  • I receive information psychically the same as I do physically.
  • My psychic perceptions give me clear and strong impressions.
  • I can tell the difference between psychic perceptions and imagination.
  • I am able to tap into the Universal Power which created all things.
  • I am growing more Powerful each and every day.
  • Power is directed by my thoughts and feelings.
  • My choices are the only ones that affect my life.
  • I am in complete control of my life and my destiny.
  • I only have to direct Power to do as I want, and it is done.

Affirmations – Affirmations are the easiest Key to use. This Key will shape and mold your thoughts, and through repeated use, your beliefs. An affirmation is a positive statement describing what you want to believe, spoken as though it were already true. Not “I will make $50,000 next year.”, but instead “I am making $50,000 per year.”

One difference between the way I use affirmations and the way they are generally taught is this. Instead of affirming “I am healthy and strong”, I affirm “I am getting healthier and stronger”. Instead of affirming “I am making $100,000 per year”, I affirm “My income increases by leaps and bounds.”

One reason for this is simply because I feel that I need to be in complete agreement with the affirmation even from the start, instead of waiting for my inner mind to accept the affirmation. I feel an internal struggle whenever I try to use a traditional affirmation. I tend to see the contradiction between what I’m affirming and the reality around me, which leads to an increase in the contradiction.

This kind of underlying suggestion is very tricky and can play havoc with your use of Power.

Decrees – Decrees are similar to affirmations, but are spoken as a command. The underlying principle here is that Power is intelligent and will respond the same way a sentient being would respond. While this may feel like a more powerful approach, it is fraught with danger, as there is usually a hidden assumption that your instructions may not be carried out.

While I do not use decrees any more, they did seem to serve a purpose in my development. As long as you consider the caution about the underlying assumptions, you are welcome to practice with this method of directing Power.

Hypnosis – Hypnosis is a very powerful means of altering beliefs and training the inner mind. Notice that I do not use the term ‘subconscious mind’. Although the inner mind is normally outside the range of conscious awareness and control, this is not necessarily the case. We can learn to consciously tap into the inner mind and work with it directly. The usual manner of using hypnosis is to get into a very relaxed state and then repeat affirmations to the inner mind. The relaxation helps to increase the effectiveness of the affirmations.

I am currently working on a hypothesis that hypnosis may be the basis of all psychic development. In experimenting with various training programs, I worked extensively with hypnosis in one form or another. I have begun another series of experiments to confirm its effects on further development.

Guided Meditations – Here is a Key for gaining access to the inner mind. A guided meditation is similar to hypnosis in that a very relaxed state is achieved before starting. But after that, it is more like a daydream. The first part of the guided meditation is where you set up a scenario and define what you are trying to accomplish. The second part is a free-flow state where the inner mind takes control and leads you through whatever steps are necessary for you to accomplish your goal.

I have included a very powerful script for a guided meditation later in this book. This script will help you access your inner mind and your connection to Power. There are many hypnotic scripts available freely on the Internet, and I will include more in updated editions of this book. Email me at to get an updated edition.