The first set of exercises deal with sharpening the mind. Having a sharp, keen mind will make the effort you put into later exercises much more effective as well as much safer. There is a quote from President Abraham Lincoln that goes: “If I had only six hours to chop a tree down, I’d spend four hours sharpening the axe.” I’m sure that if you decided you wanted to compete in professional sports, you’d spend some time exercising your body. Trying to perform at a higher level with Power is much the same. You’ll want to exercise your mind, which is what you will be using to tap and use Power. Also, you want to be able to control your mind, since this is the tool with which you will be using Power. Unless you are in complete control of the flow of your thinking, you could end up mis-directing Power and wrecking havoc in your life. I know this from personal experience. Trying to direct Power for gain, and ending up with loss instead is one example of the dangers of uncontrolled Power.

These exercises will speed up your mental processes, giving you a ‘genius-level’ of mental performance. There is an underlying theory that the higher functions of the mind (psychic abilities and Power projection) depend on the mind accessing states not normally available. Much study has been done regarding brain waves. Delta waves (1-4 cycles per second) are produced by the brain during sleep. Theta waves (5-8 cycles per second) are one step higher, and when the brain is in this state, the outer conscious mind is not functioning. Next up the ladder of brain function is Alpha waves (8-13 cycles per second), where both inner and outer conscious minds are active. Beta waves (14-21 cycles per second) are produced when we are fully awake and aware of the world around us. I have recently found confirmation of a theory I had many years ago that there is indeed another set of brainwaves (Gamma waves) that are produced when the mind is accessing the higher functions. As expected, these brain waves operate on a higher frequency. (22-35 cycles per second)

Previous experiments showed a domination of Alpha and Theta waves during psychic ability. It seems that researchers conducting those experiments considered the higher brain waves to be noise in the system. Ahh, the progress of science. Maybe those researchers could have used some Keys To Power mind exercises.

Exercise #1: Detailed Perception. For this exercise, pick a single object, preferably one that you can hold in your hands. Examine it in extreme detail. Notice everything about the object, the color, texture, shape, individual shapes which together make up the object. If the object is small enough, pick it up and notice the weight, the distribution of weight, and the object’s solidity. Imagine being very tiny and walking on the surface of the object. What is that like? Imagine being able to pass into the mass of the object and notice what sensations you get from that. While you may not be able to rely on this imagining to produce any real information, the effort to gather information not readily available stretches the mind to look for more subtle information and become aware of it. Follow this line of exploration using all of your senses, sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, and imagination.

This exercise will focus your mind on what is real as opposed to what you think is real. Too many people today are living life with no clear idea of the possibilities around them. They discount many excellent chances for success simply because they don’t see all the details of the situation. The Keys To Power philosophy is to take advantage of anything and everything that will give you an advantage. In many cases, this is simply working smart with the situations that are right in front of you.

Exercise #2: Increase creativity. Pick any two objects. Pick them at random, even if you have to close your eyes and point two fingers to choose them. Now imagine the first object becoming more like the second. See it change shape, yet retain it’s original function. See it retaining it’s own shape, but performing the function of the second object. See the two objects merging together and becoming one object. What does this new object do? What does it look like? Now, what else can you change about these objects? Can you make them sing and dance? What other functions could you make them perform?

There are many exercises to develop creativity. The main similarity between the various exercises is to break away from the standard ways of doing things. Walk backwards for a day. Use sugar instead of salt, and salt instead of sugar. Do things that seem to be stupid and wrong just to see things from a different perspective. Make extensive lists of uses for various instruments like forks, pencils, chains, candles, and more. The basic idea is to stretch your mind so that it will consider more than the standard approaches to solving a problem. This has been a critical difference between normal folk and geniuses.

Exercise #3: Expanded Awareness. Find a comfortable spot to sit for at least 15-30 minutes. Try to empty your mind of all thoughts and simply experience everything around you. Pay attention to everything. Try to look at everything all at once. Try to hear every nuance of sound. Try to identify every odor in the air. Focus on every sensation of texture and pressure (the pressure of air flow, of temperature, of sound). Focus on every detail and try to keep them all in your awareness simultaneously. This will be very difficult; yet will expand your mind like nothing else. You will have to get completely out of your own way. If you think about anything, you will miss most of the experience. If you find yourself analyzing something, or daydreaming, or thinking about something else, don’t chastise yourself, simply pick up the exercise again and start over.

This exercise will dramatically expand your mind! Students usually report that they begin to feel the connection between themselves and the One, the whole Universe as a single entity, sometimes known as God. This is an exercise that you will want to continue using for the rest of your life. Once you begin to perceive the spiritual essence behind the physical manifestations you see around you, and include that essence in your focus, you will begin to increase the amount of Power that you are capable of using. This is the whole intent of these beginning exercises, to get you to that point. If you have any difficulty perceiving spiritual essences, the next set of exercises will help you with that.

Exercise #4: Controlled Attention. With this exercise, you will want to choose a single, clear, simple thought to focus on. It could be anything, although it would be better if it were a positive thought. For this example, let’s choose the thought of the concept ‘Unity’. Start with your definition for unity. Imagine examples of unity. Explore variations on the theme. Keep your thought focused on this one concept. If you notice your mind thinking about anything else, bring your attention back on your chosen focus. Having movement in your thoughts will help. Static, non-moving thoughts do not command attention the way fluid, moving thoughts do. Try to maintain a single-pointed focus for at least 15 minutes.

Here is where we begin to apply a level of control to our mind. I’ve read where greatness is not in reaching any particular extreme, but in touching two opposite extremes at once. We do not want to simply take everything in and be at the mercy of the incessant bombardment of information into our brain. Once you open up your ability to perceive spiritual realities and gain information about anything and everything, you would go completely insane if you did not have the ability to shut down the flow of information. This exercise gives you that ability. Practice it before you need it.