The primary secret to the mind’s abilities lies not in the mind, but in the spirit. Whether you want to develop your ability to heal others or your ability to solve math problems, you must work on the spiritual level to do it. Of course, in solving math problems, or memorizing, or learning a new language, practice and some specialized techniques can help you use your present level of ability more efficiently. The same is true with psychic abilities and the Power to make things happen. But to increase the level of those abilities, and to make it easier to achieve results, you must use the spiritual level.

This is not to say that you must be a religious person. The spiritual level can be used in a scientific way which does not force you to believe anything you don’t want to believe in. Here on the physical level, you don’t have to believe in the Law of Gravity, although your life will be easier and you will not be disappointed as much if you do. The spiritual level also has laws like the Law of Gravity, but these are not “Commandments”, only a description of the way things work. Concepts such as a spiritual connection, faith, prayer, God, and meditation do have a place in the Keys to Power. In fact, it is possible to find the basics of the Keys to Power in just about every major religion in the world. Those who are strong religionists will be able to relate to the teachings of the Keys to Power. But then again, so will atheists, and others who refuse to acknowledge any Power greater than themselves.

In many ways, the spiritual level can be seen as an extension to the physical level, or vice versa. Patterns that exist here, also exist there in a way that is both more basic, yet more complex. For instance, on either level two opposing forces tend to cancel each other out. Here, if two equally strong teams of people play Tug-of-War, no-one moves. There, if two equally strong forces are working for opposite goals, neither one goes anywhere. There is also the tendency for related qualities to equal themselves out, such as when hot water is mixed with cold water, or when red is mixed with blue. Happiness and melancholy will mix and blend into something between the two. Good luck and bad luck will become more average when they influence each other.

There are also several cases where the spiritual level meets and becomes indistinguishable from the “lower” levels. In meditation, your consciousness and awareness moves smoothly from one level to another. In ritual, tools such as crystals, candles, incense or spoken words cause a response on the spiritual level. And of course, when the spiritual level is working to answer a prayer, it is influencing things on the mental, emotional, or physical levels.

In order to fully understand how our mental abilities work, we must know in what structure those abilities operate. There are basically four levels of reality, the spiritual, mental, emotional (also known as the astral), and the physical. None of these levels are really above or below the others. They all exist within each other. The physical level is just as close to the spiritual level as the mental. Each level serves a different function, but in general, what works on one level will work on all of them. The physical level is the level of sensation, experience, and substance. The emotional (astral) level is where the energy of forms resides. The energy of the astral level holds the pattern and the form for everything on the physical level. To change the physical level without physical means, the astral level must be used. The mental level is the home of ideas, plans, memory, and creativity. And the spiritual level is the source of causative forces and of the force of Life. All of this will be explained in more detail later in this book.

The Power of the spiritual level can be seen as being your own Power or the Power of God. This is where I know I’m going to offend some of my readers. The strong religionists will call me blasphemous, and the atheists will call me simple-minded. Since I can’t present my views without offending either side, I will present them exactly as I see them. I see God as being the supreme source of Power, without any personality, without any bias towards good or evil, and without any distinguishing characteristics, but with the potential for everything. I see God as being the source of both good and evil, of love and hate, of light and dark.

I also see God as being the source of the Power of existence for all things, living and non-living. Everyone and everything has a connection to the spiritual level, and to the Power which is God. And as our fingers are all a part of our hand by virtue of being connected to it, we are all a part of God by virtue of our spiritual connection. And since there is no division between ourselves and God, to say that God is a part of us makes as much sense as saying that we are a part of God.

The truth is that we cannot know for sure where the limits of our individuality lie. It is also true that the effect of either belief is just as effective as the other. So if you prefer to see Power as coming from God (however you see God to be), see it in that way. And if you prefer to see Power as being a part of yourself, it makes no difference in the results you will get. I myself see Power as coming from outside the limits of the individual, but within ‘ownership rights’ of all. You do not need ‘permission’ to use Power. You also do not need to meet any level of ‘purity’ or ‘goodness’. Spiritual Power can be used by all, just as electricity, magnetism, or the power of muscle can.

The nature of Power is of a force, not an energy. Power does not ‘flow’ as electricity or water does, although there are many books that insist that it does. The energy of the astral level flows, but not spiritual Power. Working with the astral energies does produce some results, but they are not as effective as Power. Working with astral energies is called ‘low magick’ by some and ‘sorcery’ by others. Either way, it is generally much more desirable to work with the ‘high magick’ of Power. Instead of flowing, Power applies a ‘pressure’ which alters the energy or substance of whatever it is affecting.

Spiritual Power follows certain laws much like physical power does. The two most important ones are the Law of Spirituality, and the Law of Belief. The Law of Spirituality states that the closer you are to the spiritual level, the stronger your Power is. And the Law of Belief states that reality tends to appear however you believe reality to be. The next most important law of Power is the Law of Cause & Effect which says that your thoughts and beliefs make things happen. Other laws are the Law of Invocation (a deliberate use of Power has a greater effect than a collection of random thoughts), the Law of Balance (opposing forces tend to cancel each other out), the Law of the Fittest (stronger forces and higher minds control those less so), and the Law of Grace (as soon as a thought or belief is changed, the new one controls the path of Power). Keeping these laws in mind helps to make Life and the use of Power easier.

Our mind is the tool which controls Power. This control happens in two ways. One is through beliefs. The other is through intention. Beliefs form the background ‘atmosphere’ of our thinking and are thoughts which have been substantiated by repetition and/or experience. Intentions are thoughts in the foreground of our mind and may or may not be supported by our beliefs. Another way of looking at it is that beliefs are processes of thinking which have been automated, while intentions are manual operations. Once a belief is formed, it continues to direct Power to maintain our experience of what we believe. For instance, if we believe that we are poor, and that money is hard to get, then our belief will cause us to go after jobs that have very little chance of making good money. Or if we believe that winning at card games is a normal thing, then our belief will help direct a card game so that we win. It is possible to direct Power to create a situation that opposes one of our beliefs, through the use of intention, but it is much more difficult.

Beliefs can be changed so that we generally experience what we want. This is done by hypnosis, which is not difficult to do. Simply put, hypnosis is making suggestions that things are or will be what you want them to be, while in a state of deep relaxation. The deeper you can relax, and the more convincing your suggestions, the better your results will be. It is also a good idea to imagine what it will be like with the new belief. This gives strength to the hypnotic process. Most beliefs require several sessions of hypnosis to change. Results may or may not be seen after the first session or two, so if you want to change a belief, be persistent. One session a day lasting about 15-30 minutes is usually good, and it is better to work on one belief at a time.

I usually have my students start by sharpening their minds, and then ‘programming’ themselves to believe in the reality of Power, their connection to it, and their ability to control it. This helps them see better results when they begin to practice the practical techniques which I call the “Working Keys”. Training to improve your ability to use Power can take many forms. Working with beliefs is one. Meditation is another. There are several other exercises that are explained in the individual lessons later in the book. The specific combination of developmental exercises in the Keys To Power system, and the order in which they are presented, works to create a ‘synergy-effect’ that increases the speed of development. Each step is propelled by the step before it and genuinely amplifies the effectiveness of the student’s training.

Meditation is probably the most effective exercise for increasing the mind’s abilities. There are three forms of meditation that I have my students work on, but the most important one is the one I call “Uniting With Power”, which strengthens the spiritual connection and gives other benefits besides. The normal benefits of meditation are a greater sense of peace and stability, clearer thinking, better health, a lessened tendency to get upset, and a greater degree of perceptiveness. And when a deep level is reached, meditation feels better than anything else in the world!

The process of Uniting With Power is basically one of focusing your awareness on your spiritual connection, however you want to see it, and removing the barriers between yourself and the source of Power. Again, if you want to see this Power as coming from your own ‘higher’ nature or from God, that is up to you. As in any form of meditation, you want the object of your focus (spiritual Power) to fill your awareness to the point where nothing else distracts you and you can think of nothing else. You can spend any amount of time in these meditations, but as in hypnosis, 15-30 minutes is usually good.

The major benefit to Uniting With Power is the deepening of the spiritual connection. The deeper your connection to Spirit, the stronger your Power and the more you can accomplish using the mind’s abilities. The two most commonly used abilities in the Keys to Power are psychic awareness and Power projection. There are many names for each ability, each name describing the situation in which the ability is used, but at the base of things, psychic awareness is the reception of information, and Power projection is making things happen . I refuse to put a set label on anything that does not need one, so I may refer to these abilities several different ways and I invite you to use whatever terms you like.

The uses of psychic awareness span a wide variety and there is no way I can list them all here. I cover some of the more complex uses in the individual lessons, but some simple, yet valuable uses are determining if someone is honest or not, if a business deal will be beneficial, discovering the truth of a situation, finding lost objects (focus on the memory of the object), or receiving the answer to a problem. As they say, “Knowledge is Power”.

The uses for Power projection are also many. Anything you can think of, you can use Power to affect. Common uses are to attract money, to attract love, to help a business succeed, to affect the weather, to improve relationships, to heal yourself or others, and even to move objects. The only limits come from your beliefs, the strength of your Power, and your imagination.

Most of the Working Keys have been included in the Keys To Power system simply as a collection of suggestions to help those with limited imaginations. They are also a guide for creating your own Working Keys. It is also possible to use any technique that you find in other systems as a Working Key. As long as you remember the basics, you can make any technique work for you.

It is at this point that I release my students to pursue their own course and offer only what suggestions and guidance as is asked of me. I answer questions based on the information I receive from Spirit, but considering that the details of the “revealed” religions seldom agree, the truths that I received may not be your truths. My advice is always to develop your own abilities and live your own life.

For some of my readers, this overview may be enough. I have tried to cover the most important points here. For those who need the details or are just curious, the rest of this book is for you.