A tool properly understood is a tool that can be efficiently used. Without understanding, tools cannot be efficiently used, if they can be used at all. One of the most powerful modern tools is the computer. Only now are they becoming easy enough for the majority of people to use. A computer can keep track of all the details you need to keep track of – schedules, finances, inventories, letters, notes, and hobbies. A computer can help you design a house, plan a business, run a corporation, or relax by playing a game with you. Yet, until you understand how the computer works, at least to the point of knowing what to do to get what you want, the power of that tool is useless to you. And the more you know about it, the more you can do with it.

The same is true with any other tool you can think of. Even something as simple as a hammer needs a level of understanding to use well. Holding it near the head gives you more control, yet holding it near the end gives you more power. And there are different kinds of hammers for different kinds of jobs, from a rubber mallet to prevent damaging the item you’re hammering to a sledgehammer to knock out a wall. Use the wrong hammer, or use the right one the wrong way, and the tasks you need done will not be as easy, and could cause problems!

One of the most complicated tools that we will ever use is our own mind. Yet because we are born with it and grow up using it, we feel that we know all there is to know about it. We can speak, control our bodies (to some degree), remember the past, and learn new things. Being able to get results from our mind gives us confidence that we are using this tool well.

Computers, at the most basic level, can only handle 2 things, a 1 or a 0. Ones and zeros can be grouped together to represent other things, like bigger numbers, letters, images, and instructions for handling those numbers, letters, and images. Even now, over 50 years since computers were invented, we are still finding more that can be done with those ones and zeros, and it doesn’t seem likely that we will reach the end any time soon!

Our mind, on the other hand, is much more complicated than a computer. At the most basic level, our brain (not exactly the same thing as our mind) handles a variety of signals. One neuron (the basic “circuit” of the brain) can take up to a hundred “inputs”, combine them in a way that gives a different value to each, and produce an “output” (or even more than one) that transcends simple logic. And when you consider that the average brain has several billion neurons (far more “circuits” than most computers), it is easy to see how much more there is to our minds than there is to a computer!

Even if our mind was simply a physical thing that could be explained and analyzed much like a computer, that would be reason enough to believe that we can learn more about our mind. But the fact is that our mind is more than our physical brain. Experiments in psychic awareness have proven that our mind is able to reach out in time and space to perceive, and at times alter, things which would be impossible to do physically! But while the proof that these abilities exist has been established, no reliable explanation has been made as to how these abilities fit into the structure of reality and how we can make the best use of them.

Almost anyone can get some results out of a computer. Most of us can do a number of different things with this relatively simple tool. No-one yet knows everything that a computer can do. Computers were once thought to be good for numbers only. In fact, the word ‘computer’ comes from the word ‘compute’ which means to do math. Then when computers were taught to handle words, there were many who believed that computers would never be good with images. Today, computers are not only handling images, but are also working with video clips and whole movies! The question is still around “Can computers really think?” We are not so quick to say “No”. Maybe they can and we just haven’t figured out how to make them do it.

Our minds are capable of a great many more things than computers. Do we know for sure what our minds can do and what they can’t? Are we going to be like those who didn’t believe what computers could do? Or are we going to reserve judgment until all the facts are in? To reserve judgment seems to be the most intelligent thing to do. Like with computers, the more we know about our mind, the more we can do with it. And like some computer programs, it takes time and practice to develop the skills to use our mind’s abilities well.

It has taken me over fifteen years of study, experimentation, and practice to discover and perfect the information in the Keys To Power system. Most of that time was spent in either making mistakes or recovering from negative results. Most of those mistakes were due to not having a reliable source of instruction. When I first became interested in psychic abilities, I found many books describing how to develop and use them, but no two books seemed to agree on anything! But since each one gave accounts as to how many people got results using their methods, I reasoned that each one had to have some truth to it. After studying hundreds of books, I began to see patterns within the material I read.

Along the way, I had used many of the techniques described and noted what worked, what didn’t, and the results I got. Some of those results were the opposite of what I wanted, which caused some serious problems in some cases! So when that happened, I had to pick up the pieces and start all over again. Eventually, I began to understand the types of things that would work and started to put together the basic theory behind the methods. When that happened, I started experimenting with creating my own methods based on the understanding I had of the theories. Of course, my mistakes didn’t stop there, but my results were just as good as any I had gotten before, and in time, they got better and better.

The results that I got when I first started were next to nothing. Actually, there were many times when they were worse than nothing! The psychic game of guessing cards without looking at them gives the player a certain level of odds of getting the right answer even without psychic abilities. My scores were almost always at that level of chance or just below it. Anything else I tried resulted in just as little success. The work that I did to make things happen, whether it was basic prayer, creative visualization, or even spell-work, met with failure too many times to count. In other words, the abilities of the mind that are described in the Keys To Power system did not come natural for me. In fact, I feel that I have had to work very hard to develop the level of success that I now enjoy.

When success came, it came slowly and not at all surely. But then again, I was still learning the basics of how to get the Power of the mind to work for me. Those that I have taught have had a much easier time getting the results they wanted. Those results range from finding peace and joy within, to getting positive results from prayers and creative visualizations, to healing, to receiving answers to life’s problems, and to moving objects with the power of the mind alone! We have been able to do much more, and the instructions for everything are contained here in the full Keys To Power – Step by Step course. Also there are instructions for doing things that my students and I haven’t been able to accomplish yet. These further reaches are based on the same basic principles that make everything else work, and so have my complete confidence in their validity. There is very little speculation in the Keys To Power system.

Living with the Keys to Power is much easier and more fun than living without it. Not only are you capable of doing more, things you couldn’t do before, but Life begins to treat you better. The hassles, frustrations, and disappointments begin to disappear. Getting what you want out of Life becomes a simple matter instead of an imposing task. No longer do you need to be afraid. Happiness becomes your normal mood. If there is a secret to happiness, it is knowing that you have the Power to make Life be whatever you want it to be. Depression, which comes when you lose sight of the possibilities for happiness, never needs to exist. With the Keys to Power, you can do anything!