The Keys To Power is a system that came from studying all the great religions, systems of magick, psychic development programs, and personal experimentation. My goal in creating this system has been to discover the simplest and most effective methods to tap and use the Power that has been responsible for miracles throughout history. While I have not yet performed any major miracles, I believe that I have found the secrets to developing the ability to tap and use this secret Power.

Most of the reports that I have read where someone has been able to perform miracles usually refer to someone who has devoted his/her life to spiritual pursuits. In other words, miracles are not performed by someone who suddenly learns some magic word, or special technique. There is no shortcut to developing your ability to tap and use Power. I believe that I have read about maybe 4 people in all of history who suddenly developed an ability to use Power, outside of the stories in the Christian Bible where there were many who spontaneously developed this skill. There are only two explanations that I feel are legitimate to explain these cases. Either 1) these people developed the strong connection to Power in a previously lifetime and only needed to remember how to use it, or 2) a special set of conditions existed which enabled the normal development patterns to be bypassed.

While the basic exercises to tap Power and develop a strong connection to the spiritual source of this Power are relatively simple, they take years to bring significant results. There are several other exercises that enable one to speed up the process of development, or at least make the spiritual exercises more effective. In many respects, these exercises are like physical exercises which make physical work more effective. In tapping Spirit to gain Power, you will be using your mind, and the more powerful your mind, the quicker you will tap Spirit and Power. (You will note that I use several terms somewhat interchangeably, in particular the terms ‘Spirit’, ‘Power’, ‘God’, ‘Nature’, ‘The One’, and ‘The Universe’. All these terms refer to one aspect or another of the same thing, which will become clear eventually.)

The system which I now call the Keys To Power includes many development exercises. There are exercises to develop the mind, and there are exercises to develop the spiritual connection to Power. There are also exercises to develop your skill in using Power, to enable you to control Power. This control is very necessary, as an uncontrolled use of Power can be exceedingly dangerous! I know this from personal experience! The Keys To Power system also contains specific directions on using Power for various purposes. These purposes range from experiencing the Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, Power, and Beauty of Spirit, to receiving information about specific people, events, or things, to projecting your mental awareness to a distant time or place, to creating changes in your world, to creating changes in the world at large. There are Keys to enable you to heal yourself and others, Keys to increase the prosperity of a business, Keys to control and change habits, Keys to advance spiritually, Keys to learn the secrets of the Universe, and Keys to perform minor miracles. There are also speculative Keys (untested – I have not yet reached a high enough level of development) which should be able to perform major miracles.

With the Keys To Power system of developmental exercises, you will be able to maximize your abilities in all areas of life. Problem solving, creativity, memory, relationships, business, health and fitness, and everything else you can think of.

The beginning exercises, which are required to sharpen your mind to the point of being capable of tapping Power, will also stretch you into what is generally called the “genius category”. And of course, the lessons that follow will take you to even further heights.

I will not mislead you. There are some things I’m not sure about. I have more work to do to learn, grow, and develop. I am not a God, nor am I the most advanced human ever to walk this Earth. I am a man who has learned many things unknown to most people. I have studied the bits and pieces of good information that are out there, bringing it all together into a workable system without any fluff or nonsense. What follows is the basics of what I have learned.

This book will be a work in progress, as I continue to refine the material from time to time. The copy that you have now is the latest version as I write this on September 13th, 2003. You are welcome to email me at to see if an updated edition is available. Thank you for your time in exploring the Keys To Power further. I hope that the information you find in this little book is worth much more than you paid for it.