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This 7-day course was written to help you turn your life around quickly with a minimum of effort. While not nearly as complete as my other courses, this is a great introduction to my materials.

Originally written as a book, this course focuses on a common belief most folks have regarding prayer, and shows you how you can use natural triggers to instantly increase your prayer power.

Also originally written as a book, this course covers the science behind the power of belief, and presents a wide range of tools to help you discover what you REALLY believe, and change those beliefs to manifest a better life for yourself and others.

This course was written for those who have failed with other methods of manifesting, and gently “clears the slate” so you can approach manifesting with the innocence of a child.

This was the first course, originally written in 2003. Based on a concept of channelling Universal Power, this is a great choice for those who prefer a more metaphysical approach.

The newest course in this list, this is the most in-depth training process available, and therefore for those who want to take their manifesting abilities to the max. You will not just harness Divine Power, you will become an Avatar of the Divine.