Divine Dynamics

Based on the concept of Harmonic AugMENTATION.  Using a combination of hypnosis, guided meditations, and self-directed exercises, Divine Dynamics will activate your manifesting ability more quickly and reliably than anything which came before.  Begins with an afternoon workshop (on video) that gives you an INSTANT boost before you even begin.

Awaken the Avatar Within

This is a MAJOR update to the original Keys To Power – Step by Step course, blending the best of the old with the best of the new.  This is my recommendation for anyone who wants to really get into the details of developing true self-mastery.  Package also includes a set of hypnosis recordings that were originally created in an attempt to replace the course.  Testing showed that using both worked best.

30 Days to Divine Power

Step-by-step, one day at a time, I walk you through a simple and easy process to open your heart and soul to the Divine in a way that allows you to believe in miracles again, without being asked to “step out in faith” or to bulldoze your way through the difficulties with determined willpower.

Harmonic Prayer

Effective Prayer Is Based on 3 Things—Faith, Focus, and Feeling.

When you have all 3 of these in place, true miracles become possible.

Harmonic Prayer shows you exactly how to INSTANTLY increase each of these factors—literally within SECONDS.

Choose To Believe

A scientific exploration into the power of belief.  Covers the evidence supporting many types of experiences, how to discover what you really believe (and why it may be different from what you THINK you believe), and how to change your beliefs to support the life experiences you would prefer to have.

Keys to Power - Step by Step

This was the first course, originally written in 2003. Based on a concept of tapping into and directing Universal Power, this is a great choice for those who prefer a more metaphysical “hands-on” approach to manifesting their desires into physical reality.  Starts with simple exercises for creativity, memory, and perception, and builds from there.

Prosperity From the Inside Out

True prosperity is an expression of who you are, and when you BECOME prosperous, then everything you do brings money into your experience.  This book shares the most important beliefs to have regarding prosperity, shows you how to shift your beliefs as required, and goes beyond this foundation to give you practical tips and suggestions for creating a never-ending flow of prosperity into your life.

Treasure Map to Online Riches

Everyone knows that it’s possible to make lots of money online, but far too often, those who attempt to stake their claim end up with nothing to show for it.  In this condensed report, Alan Tutt shares the key principles that will lead you past the obstacles and into the sunlight of glorious success.

Keys to Power Persuasion

A comprehensive A-Z exploration into the subject of persuasion, including the science of CONVERSATIONAL HYPNOSIS, where you can influence the thinking and actions of others without them even knowing what you’re doing.  Also includes suggestions for protecting yourself from being manipulated by others using this information.

Changing Lives for Fun & Profit

Be of service to the world, enjoy life, and get paid for it!  You have immense value to share, and the world will be a richer, more enjoyable place for all when you learn how to effectively package and promote it.  By the end of this course, you’ll have one or more products to sell and a solid plan for making a significant difference in the lives of a world-wide audience.

A summary of everything I’ve learned over the first 16 years of my business, this course covers the gamut of deciding what business to start, how to promote it, and how to create products and services your customers will be thrilled to buy from you.  In just 160 pages, you get the essence of several $2000 marketing courses I studied, as well as lessons from my own personal experience using this information.